This week, we’re proud to announce that Version 11 of Reboot Restore Rx Pro is now available! This new version brings with it plenty of new enhancements and upgrades, making it the most robust and secure restore on reboot solution on the market.

We’ve listened to our customers, many of which were looking for a restore solution that was compatible with Windows 10 Feature Updates. Up until now, there wasn’t a solution that was fully compatible with these updates. We’ve updated Reboot Restore Rx Pro to now allow for the installation of these updates without the need to uninstall Reboot Restore Rx Pro.

Much like RollBack Rx Professional, we’ve also updated the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Reboot Restore Rx Pro. This new interface provides a clean, crisp, and modern look for your favourite Windows SteadyState alternative.

Many of our customers also requested multi-user support for Reboot Restore Rx Pro, which we’ve now added. Now multiple users can be authorized to use the software with a variety of optional permissions available to them.

We’ve also updated the Remote Management Console (RMC). It is now known as the EndPoint Manager. Some minor but significant changes have been made to our free remote management tool. You can now schedule the remote running of a file. Speaking of scheduling tasks, you can now schedule tasks for a specified group of clients. We’ve also made it easier to install Windows Updates from the Endpoint Manager. Finally, you can now back up and restore the server database, meaning that your created groups will carry over between installations.

These are the biggest changes to Reboot Restore Rx Pro. For a more detailed list of the differences, please be sure to read through our Release Notes. You can also download the new version from our Downloads section.

RollBack Rx Professional also received a new build. It addresses bugs and glitches that were reported to our Support staff. You can download the new build from our Downloads section as well, where you’ll also find detailed Release Notes.

Product ID’s for RollBack Rx Professional and Reboot Restore Rx Pro Version 10 and earlier will not work with Version 11 as these new programs use a new license structure. Any active Annual Maintenance subscribers will receive Version 11 upgrades for no additional cost. To determine your upgrade path to Version 11, please contact our Sales team by submitting a ticket, calling us at 1-800-496-0148 option 1, or chatting with us on the website.

Our Development Team’s next project is to update our freeware programs, RollBack Rx Home Edition and Reboot Restore Rx. We will be sharing news on updates for these programs in the months to come. In the meantime, please be sure to follow us on social media, FaceBook and Twitter,  and stay tuned either through those channels or this blog for updates.