Solutions for Educational Environments

In an educational environment, students are constantly hopping on and off computers throughout the day working on projects, researching for homework, or browsing the internet. For the student that’s great, but for the IT department, not so much.
On one hand you need to keep things running smoothly, and on the other hand you don’t want to limit someone’s freedom – particularly in a place of learning.

This is where Reboot Restore Rx fits in.

Unwanted changes are wiped clean; whether it is on reboot, logoff, idle, or a date/time of your choosing. Any user errors, malicious intent, viruses, or spyware are eliminated in the process.

In the classroom

Most commonly, Reboot Restore Rx is installed in a controlled environment like a computer lab. In this case a technician will not always be on site, leaving a teacher who may or may not be technically inclined alone with a bunch of curious students.

Reboot Restore Rx Professional Edition is smart enough to be configured to restore its saved, pristine state on a schedule you set. Want it to reset at the end of the session? Have the students logout and let the program restore. Have a week-long lab? Set the program to reset at the end of the week instead.

No matter the mold of your classes, Reboot Restore Rx is flexible enough to fit.

Central management

Reboot Restore Rx Professional Edition comes with a free remote management console, The EndPoint Manager.

This tool is invaluable, as it allows any troubleshooting, planned updates, or alterations to be made on every machine with our software installed from a single console – server or desktop are both supported.

Deployment made easy

In an educational environment oftentimes deployment and management tools are already in place. SCCM, domains, GPOs, and Active Directory (AD) are commonplace. We know this, and our software will work with these programs to ensure a smooth deployment and install.

Feel free to contact us for a deployment whitepaper which addresses several ways to successfully push out Reboot Restore Rx Professional Edition to your computers.

Reboot Restore Rx Home Edition

Perfect for public access computers in small environments & completely free.

Reboot Restore Rx Professional Edition

Perfect for public access computers in large environments.

RollBack Rx Professional Edition

Perfect for teachers/administrator PCs and multiple configuration lab PCs