Disaster Recovery

All PC users & IT administrators agree that any disaster recovery strategy has a single common objective – how to turn back the clock to a point in time before the catastrophy struck without losing any critical data. Horizon DataSys delivers unique solutions using the most advanced technologies available to address these needs.

    Instant PC time machine!

    RollBack Rx™ is an instant time machine for your PC. A Comprehensive Windows System Restore solution that empowers users and IT administrators to easily restore their PC’s to any previous state within seconds! RollBack Rx offers a fresh approach to managing PC’s. Any unforeseen incidents such as user errors, viruses or even botched software installations can be easily and absolutely reversed in a fast and efficient way.

    Designed for all Windows Servers & MultiPoint Servers

    RollBack Rx™Server Edition is a robust Windows Server backup and restore utility that enables IT professionals a instant backup capability that can quickly restore mission critical systems back to any number of multiple restore points with unrivaled speeds. RollBack Rx Server Edition makes it quick and easy to safely sandbox updates and service patches with a failsafe approach to system recovery.

    Bare Metal Hard Drive Imaging & Recovery

    Supports Windows 8.x with GPT and large hard drives

    Drive Cloner Rx is a bare metal recovery utility that enables professionals to easily perform system backups, images, and assist with deployments.  Drive Cloner can also be customized to deliver a hidden factory restore partition for PC pre-installations meeting the specific requirements of system integrators, and PC builders. Drive Cloner Rx Images an entire hard drive, including the Windows, drivers, system files and all programs onto any media or a hidden partition for restoration.