Custom Software Development

Custom and OEM software development services includes developing new innovative applications from scratch or customizing some of our existing applications to meet a certain objective.

Software with a Personal Touch

We offer customization services for organizations that appreciate certain aspects of our commercial products, but have more specific requirements whether it be API integrations, rebranding, Linux compatibility, bootstrapping with existing apps, etc.

Our customization services have a quick turnaround time as our team of engineers have created many custom applications for our clients over the years. After a quick analysis meeting, our engineers will let you know, first and foremost, the scope of your required project and the timeline required from end-to-end completion.

Once the proof of concept is established, the next step would be for our project manager to create a quick design and then put the application(s) through our prototype cycles. At this stage our project management and development team will be in constant contact with your organizations team to ensure that all scenarios and outcomes are demonstrated and refined within the current prototype build.

Once the build is approved, we then put the application through a rigorous Q and A process. The usual time frame for project completion for customization services are less then 4 weeks from date of initiation. However, as there are many variables from project to project this time frame could change

Step by Step

If your organization’s requirements are outside of the scope of our existing commercial products, we offer custom software development. This service is tailored to your specific requirements and suited to your organization’s needs. Our high-level and detailed design phases consist of constant communications between your organizations key personnel along with our project management and VP for software development. Our group of dedicated and talented individuals will follow a world class project methodology, ensuring a successful outcome.

software_dev_new1We have developed some proprietary software products that are used by some of the world’s top organizations. We understand how important and challenging it is to keep your computing assets running at the best efficiency, matched to the best technology for your needs. Horizon DataSys provides the knowledge, technology, and innovation required to deliver the best outcomes for your specific business.

When it comes to our business relationships, we take pride in saying we enjoy the trust of our clients and feel just as accountable for business results. This is because for us; it is not just your product, it becomes ‘Our Product’ – a source of mutual pride and business success.

Customization and Software Development

Horizon DataSys is focused software development that is specific to the areas of our speciality – instant recovery and virtualization applications and low-level driver development. Our application engineering and software quality assurance team welcome any opportunities whereby our expertise can be challenged.. If you are looking for some minor customizations to our existing commercial products, or if you would like us to create a specific solution for your organization, please contact us

End-To-End Services

Our experience in project management, as well as supporting and developing software, ensures your organization that Horizon DataSys can take on a project of any scope. When Horizon DataSys engages in a project, we allocate the right resources to fully understand your initial requirements. It is after this first consultation that we will let you know if your requirements can be achieved by our team; and also how long it will take to have your project completed.

Our project management and software developments teams are located in Canada, USA, China and India. We offer a talented group, each with their areas of expertise and track record of achievements. We ensure that your project is handled professionally and accurately

Our Methods

Capitalizing on our expertise in the area of kernel and low-level driver programming, we take the initiative and efforts to analyze your business processes and present you with the best solution model. Once accepted, our team of fully dedicated engineers will work directly with your organization’s key member

Our People

Our team of application developers and a project managers will work with your IT team to customize the application to your specific business needs and branded to reflect your business values and culture.

University of Lima

University of Lima

University of Lima Case Study



Acer's Case Study



NCR's Case Study



Intel's Case Study

At Horizon DataSys we know how important it is to not just have good software, but the perfect software. Our experienced development team is at the ready to customize any of our programs to make sure it fits into your workplace just as you need it to. Custom banners, feature alterations or changes, and more are available upon request.

All OEM customization and pricing inquiries can be found by contacting us directly

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