We don’t change what you do. We improve how you do it.

No matter what industry you’re in or where you are on the planet, we all share a common goal – how to quickly and easily recover from any IT catastrophe. Horizon DataSys helps you do just this while making you look like a hero doing it.

Empowering users to maintain high system availability and zero downtime

Our instant-recovery and virtualization products are designed to simplify and better manage computing resources. Our retail products ensure that PC users have minimal downtime, while increasing productivity.

Software development focused on our core strengths

First and foremost, Horizon DataSys is a software development company that focuses on creating PC management, OS integrity, and instant restore solutions. Along the way, we have created a few off-the-shelf products that we retail online as well as through our reseller channel. Our commercially available products provide an insight as to our development capabilities.

Whether you need to create a disaster recovery application that keeps your organization up and running at all times, or you need to create a factory reset partition for your PC manufacturing plant. We’ve got the tools you need to create the best PC management strategy to make you look great.

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Horizon DataSys started out in 1998 as a systems integrator providing managed PC solutions to the educational sector. This sector had a simple need – to streamline the process of re-imaging PC’s after each students’ usage. Thus was born Reboot Restore Rx:Professional (Formerly Drive Vaccine). Reboot Restore Rx: Professional today, has evolved to become the most robust and flexible single-baseline auto-restore software available

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Moving Forward – Making IT Simple

In our continuing efforts to broaden the user-base from public access machines to all Windows users, in October 2005, Horizon DataSys introduced Rollback Rx — a much more comprehensive instant restore solution that can warehouse thousands of snapshots. In a nutshell, RollBack Rx is a PC time machine. It empowers everyone from end-users to enterprise IT managers to quickly and effortlessly recover from any computer related issue in mere seconds!

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Horizon DataSys has a diverse customer base ranging from end-point home users to large corporate server clients. Our client portfolio consists of hundreds of School systems across North America and leading corporations such as Intel, Bloomberg, UPS, Quality Inn, Holiday Inn, nVidia, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

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Our Mission

To simplify computer management, ensuring instant recovery from all potential threats.

Our promise to you, our client, is to continually improve upon our instant restore and virtual desktop products to meet the real-world challenges of today. We accept that software development is always a work-in-progress and an ongoing process of continuous development.

We as a company, get better because of our customers’ feedback. So, if there is anything more that we could do to make your experience with our products even better – please do let us know.