For the average computer user, cost becomes a major factor in deciding which hardware to use, which software to use, and in many people’s case, how often the programs they’re using are updated. This makes sense, we want software that works out of the box and don’t want to invest unnecessary costs into patches for a program that should simply work.

The truth however is that this is holding back many PC users from getting important security patches and updates. This can put your machines and data at unnecessary risk.

Recent reports indicate that 55% of all software installed on PC’s is in the form of an older, less secure version. These reports also suggest that 17% of Windows 7 users are using an out of date version of the OS and that 10% of Windows 10 users are vulnerable to system-level security vulnerabilities.

Many common programs that we use in our day-to-day life rely on up to date security updates in order to remain protected. This goes for programs of many different categories of software. Not installing these updates can cause critical bugs and incompatibilities to become larger issues potentially and leave your systems and data vulnerable.

Ensuring that software and systems are patched and up to date with the latest security updates can go a long way to protecting us from cyber attacks, but there’s often times costs associated with updating and we there may be some trepidation in installing an update as there may be potential risks and incompatibilities

Luckily RollBack Rx users benefit from non restrictive desktop security software and military grade data and disk encryption. Even as your other programs and services may be out of date and potentially putting you and your machines at risk, you can rest easy knowing that your machines and data are secure and protected with our system restore software.

However even RollBack Rx, Reboot Restore Rx, and Drive Cloner Rx are not immune to exploits and potential security issues. Hence why our dedicated development team work tirelessly to keep our software as secure as possible. If you’re using an older build of our software, you will want to consider updating the software to ensure that you are running the most secure instant restore recovery software on the market.

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