What is Instant Recovery?

First, you must be wondering what is Instant Recovery? I don’t know what your definition of “instant” is but our definition of “instant” is getting something even faster than instant coffee – i.e immediate, prompt, instantaneous. Waiting even a few extra seconds is too long and disqualifies something as “instant.” Similarly, “instant recovery” has many different interpretations, we at Horizon DataSys take time very seriously and “instant recovery” to us is not experiencing any appreciable downtime. So in one reboot your PC will have bounced back to your predefined “normal working state” without losing a single file! You must be wondering, Is there such a convenient and powerful product that can instantly recover my PC in one reboot cycle? Yes! And it’s available today!

Instant Recovery Software

With the world of PCs moving at such a fast pace today, there’s increasing need for instantly recovering PCs in case of software failures, viruses, malwares, Windows system failures. But it’s not all about what software can instantly recover your system, more importantly it’s also about the easiness and the efficiency of restoring the system. If you could wave a magic wand and return to how things were before the system failure occurred and recover all your precious data, wouldn’t you?

The dreadful days where you have to call in the PC technician or the “IT guy” to restore your system are over. Everyone out there now just wants to use an instant recovery system that will just instantly recover the system on a simple reboot and “Rollback” to a state like everything is normal. However, what many people don’t realize is that although there might be any number of solutions out there claiming to be “instant recovery” software, nothing except RollBack Rx is instant. Only RollBack Rx can recover your entire system as well as bring back all the data that existed once but has either been lost or corrupted. Instant Recovery Software should takes less than a couple minutes to recover the whole system as well recover any and all data. Only RollBack Rx meets this criteria.

Windows System Restore can only recover Windows system files. It can’t help you recover your personal data — your vacation photos, financial data, word processing documents, family videos, music files, et cetera.

There will be times where you find yourself to be using instant recovery software to instantly recover a system but instead you find yourself spending a lot of time and resources to get it done. Another factor to consider is how easy to use are these instant recovery solutions. Using an instant recovery solution that requires a user with a high aptitude in technology does not serve the purpose as well.

So what software solution perfectly fits the above description of an instant recovery solution that not only manages to instantly restore a system but also with so much ease and less usage of resources?.

RollBack Rx: The Instant Recovery Software

RollBack Rx is our Instant recovery software that offers the most robust and powerful recovery capability to quickly and effortlessly recover files, data, and even your PC. RollBack Rx enables you to store multiple snapshots (or system states) each of which can be used to return your entire system back to any one of those prior points in time. But you don’t have to revert your whole system back to an earlier point in time; you can simply explore any one of these snapshots and the drag-and-drop specific files to your current system.

RollBack Rx is known to be an instant recovery software that can in seconds go back to the state before system crashed or got corrupted. As RollBack Rx works within the low-level of the system, it can recover all types of data, registry settings including the operating system.

Being already used by many institutions of all scopes including government and educational, RollBack Rx still proves to be the best out there when it comes to instant recovery solution saving a lot in time and other pc resources. As a chosen instant recovery solution by many diversified clients from end-users to corporate clients, RollBack Rx is even seen as a better alternative to many other restore and recovery solutions out there.

How RollBack Rx Is Right For You

What would you do today if something happened to your PC? This could be anything from a virus attack, an unstable system, a harddisk failure, or something as innocuous as an accidently deleted file. Whatever! you don’t need to be a survivalist to prepare for such an eventuality. Stuff happens! It’s good to be prepared, and RollBack makes instant recovery easy. You can’t just rely on Windows System Restore since it can only recover Windows system files, installed programs, and registry settings. That’s it! You still need a backup and recovery plan for everything else on your computer — your vacation photos, personal documents, music, work-related spreadsheets, e-mail contacts, financial information, etc. etc. etc..

Unlike Windows System Restore, RollBack Rx will create a complete data backup of every file and folder on your harddrive. Each snapshot contains the entire contents of your harddrive at the moment. And you can return to any one of these earlier points in time with a single reboot!