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Drive Cloner Rx – End of Development

By September 4, 2019January 5th, 2021No Comments

Hi Folks,

Please note that there will be no further product development for our backup and imaging solution Drive Cloner Rx.

After the success of our instant recovery solution RollBack Rx, plenty of clients have requested having full 360 protection for any PC disaster, including hard drive failures which would seamlessly integrate with RollBack Rx.

Drive Cloner Rx addressed that need by creating a backup of a single system state of a machine which has RollBack Rx installed. It was initially integrated on RollBack Rx’s user interface and eventually as a stand-alone program. Subsequently, around the release of RollBack Rx Pro ver 10.x, Drive Cloner Rx was able to create a full backup image with all snapshots intact.

The success of creating a full backup with all RollBack Rx’s snapshots intact was predicated on what was then considered current technology (Windows 7 and non-UEFI PCs)

With the wider adoption of UEFI technology and Windows 10, our development focused on ensuring that our flagship software RollBack Rx and Reboot Restore Rx remained compatible with emerging current technology.

As development for Drive Cloner Rx has essentially stalled over the years, a myriad of compatibility issues with current tech has come up, including the infamous “getprotecteddiskipartinfo=false”  error when attempting to make a full backup with snapshots intact as well as the inability of the default recovery media to boot up on more modern PCs.

With the backup and imaging software market already occupied by well-established solutions such as Acronis and Macrium, the need for developing Drive Cloner Rx further is no longer practical. As the software was never really able to establish a foothold in the market and has remained unprofitable for our organization, the focus has shifted on what we do best.

Drive Cloner Rx still remains a solid backup/imaging solution, and support will still be provided to the product as it is (such as license resets, download links, etc) It is still currently available in our online store but will be removed eventually.