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PA Cyber Chooses RollBack Rx to Safeguard Student PCs

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Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, a premier online K-12 educational provider, opts to go with Horizon DataSys’ RollBack Rx software to ensure maximum up-time for students and to quickly resolve IT-related support tickets.
Blaine, WA (PRWEB) September 16, 2013
Horizon DataSys announced today that The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School (also known as PA Cyber) has chosen Rollback Rx 10.2 as the instant recovery software for their student computers. PA Cyber has over 11,000 students and offers them a highly customized, dynamic, and interactive curriculum. Since the school utilizes technology that their clients must setup in their own homes with their own Internet connections, the PA Cyber equipment and software must be very robust and of the highest caliber.
Jordan McCarty, Director of Student Technology at PA Cyber, explained that the school provides individual PCs to their enrolled students. Prior to using RollBack Rx the machines needed to be shipped back to the school’s central location for re-imaging and then returned back to the student. “There was a lot of downtime for the students during this process,” McCarty laments. If the machines were down too long or if a replacement computer wasn’t dispatched quickly enough, there used to be a serious disruption in the student’s studies. RollBack Rx has brought this turnover time from a few days down to a few seconds.

RollBack Rx is a software program that instantly restores hard drives back to any number of earlier points in time. If a problem arises, the workstations can simply be reset to an earlier date before the problem occurred, without damaging the system and without losing any of the student’s data.

“With RollBack Rx, the computer can simply be ‘rolled back’ to an earlier date prior to the problem and most of the time that will fix the issue. Unlike traditional lockdown software, RollBack protects without restricting any Windows user functionality. This not only saves the students precious time but also saves the school money in shipping costs,” McCarty explains. The students can quickly recover from any software-related issues from accidentally deleted files to virus infections on up to catastrophic operating system corruptions.

With RollBack Rx, PA Cyber Helpdesk Technicians can simply talk to their students over the phone and walk them through how RollBack Rx can be used to reset the machines. “Getting a computer back up and running over the phone while not hindering the student with any additional downtime is priceless,” McCarty states. “It’s challenging for us because all of the students are in their own homes, on their own ISPs across the state of Pennsylvania.” So the PA Cyber technical support department can’t afford to make house calls. RollBack Rx is best seen as a comprehensive replacement forWindows system restore (now know as Windows 8 Reset and Refresh).

“With RollBack Rx the families, in essence, fix their own computers and this drastically reduces downtime. It’s very intuitive and user-friendly,” Lyle Patel, President of Horizon DataSys elaborates.

According to McCarty, the technical support at Horizon DataSys was the main reason PA Cyber decided to go with RollBack Rx. “I have reached out for support to Horizon DataSys, I have been consistently met with pleasant, helpful, and knowledgeable people who have addressed issues quickly and thoroughly,” she said.

About Horizon DataSys:

Horizon DataSys Corporation is a privately held software company headquartered in Blaine, Washington which develops, publishes, and distributes branded computer software applications specializing in end-point PC management, OS integrity, and instant restore.

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