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Maximizing your time: Testing software has never been faster with RollBack Rx

By October 31, 2014No Comments

For years RollBack Rx has been used to keep business and home user PC’s safe and secure from everything from ransomware like CryptoWall, to up to the second data retention in the event of a PC disaster.

Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)? No problem. Ransomware infection? Not an issue. Data security? You betcha’.

But there’s one important part of RollBack Rx (which we affectionately refer to as the PC Time Machine) that hasn’t really been touched on much, and it should. As much as RollBack is helpful in getting PC’s out of disasters, this same ideas can be applied to controlled disasters. By that I of course mean product and software testing.

Let’s apply the logic – RollBack Rx captures the full state of the PC at a point in time the user decides. Correctly set up, the software can be set to take a snapshot just before running a program or file executable, thus automatically saving a clean state before doing new things. Given this, RollBack Rx can be used to safely test bugs, viruses, drivers, and more in a full-fledged PC environment with the knowledge and comfort that you’ll be able to recover when things go awry (and trust me, they will). Match that with a virtual environment (which RollBack is compatible in), and you’ve got yourself a secure system of testing that will dramatically increase workflow and productivity.

Take a look below.

Setting up an "Event Task" can help protect the system before testing.

Setting up an “Event Task” can help protect the system before testing.

In this example the software is being set up to take a new snapshot every time I run the drivertest executable. Hence from now on whenever that .exe file is run a snapshot will be taken in the background and saved. This can be applied to run with any program (Windows update, antivirus, driver testing software, etc.).

Now, if I am a user working on a new software, coding, or just trying a test-build of something, I will be able to get the PC back up and running in a matter of a few seconds.

Without RollBack Rx installed a user will need to create a backup image before testing. Now let’s say after fiddling around, making changes, stress-testing, etc., the PC crashes. Before the PC can then be used again to continue testing and figure out exactly what went wrong the user will have to take their backup image and re-format the PC. This can be a time consuming, monotonous process. All that time spent restoring the PC to a usable state again is time and productivity lost.

With RollBack Rx, let’s say the user started fiddling around, making changes, stress-testing, etc. and the PC crashes. Now this person can reset the PC, press the ‘Home’ key when the RollBack Rx logo appears and boot into the subconsole that boots before Windows. From there, select Restore System.


Choose a snapshot that was before the crash.


And voila, the system has loaded in a few seconds. From there the user can select to explore the crashed state of the PC they were just working on as a virtual drive, and drag and drop files they need back into their clean snapshot.

earlier time

Time is important to everyone, and every second we can make more efficient is a boost to morale and productivity.

For anyone interested in testing out RollBack Rx, feel free to download a 14-day trial of the software by clicking here.



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