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Killer App For Window Surface Pro Tablets Delivers Day Zero Disaster Recovery and Security

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Horizon DataSys’ RollBack Rx is gaining traction as the must-have instant recovery utility for the new Microsoft Windows Surface Pro Tablets and other Windows-based devices.

Horizon DataSys, the industry leader in instant PC recovery solutions, announced today the release of the latest version of their increasingly popular RollBack Rx software generic viagra now with full integration for the new Microsoft Windows Surface Pro Tablets

RollBack Rx is an instant PC time machine utility that allows the reversion of an entire computer system back to any number of earlier points in time. RollBack Rx is an indispensable application to quickly recover from any unintentional error or malicious changes made to a PC. It’s intended as a replacement forMicrosoft Windows Reset and Refresh (formerlyWindows System Restore).

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Microsoft Windows Surface Pro Tablets have already generated over $853 million in revenues for fiscal 2013 and is becoming a popular platform for home, business, and school users. The latest release of RollBack Rx, version 10.2, has been optimized for high performance on Surface Pro tablets.

“We’ve re-engineered RollBack Rx to be lighter and more efficient, making it ideal for the new smaller devices,” said Andrew Shen, VP of Development at Horizon levitra reviews DataSys.

RollBack Rx also addresses a few shortcomings of Windows’ built-in System Restore option. Windows Reset and Refresh feature only restores system files, registry entries, and some program files. Windows Reset and Refresh also uses a quarter or more of the harddisk space. RollBack Rx integrates fully with Windows and delivers a more comprehensive restoration capability while using fewer system resources.

RollBack Rx version 10.2 is the only multi-snapshot instant recovery solution available today that fully supports the latest UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) BIOS as well as the latest GUID Partition Tables (GPT). These technologies are the new standards and are commonly found on the latest computers and tablet devices.

Being light and compact, tablets are more prone to becoming easy targets for thieves. Horizon DataSys addresses this concern by incorporating real-time 256-bit AES encryption at the disk sector level. This prevents unauthorized access to the user’s device/tablet. This levitra pill security measure requires a pre-OS security password. In case of theft the trusted canadian pharmacy reviews tablet’s current contents will become invisible. .

“It was important to address this security issue because these new smaller devices have higher security needs,” explained Lyle Patel, President of Horizon DataSys.

RollBack Rx v10.2 is fully functional on desktop PCs but it’s also gaining popularity as an instant recovery option for Windows-based set-top boxes (or net-top boxes) connected to TV display units for browsing and internet-based channels and subscription movie services. RollBack Rx can be set to return to an optimized system state on every start-up or restart clomid side effects allowing for a consistent user-defined experience. Installing and uninstalling programs and other regular use can introduce incidental system degradation over time, slowing down performance and causing errors. RollBack Rx is a simple way to ensure a consistent system state indefinitely.

Horizon DataSys will be offering severely discounted pricing on their RollBack Rx, Drive Vaccine, and does viagra make you bigger Drive Cloner software during their Labor Day Sale on throughout the 2013 Labor Day long weekend.

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About Horizon DataSys:

Horizon DataSys Corporation is a privately held software company headquartered in Blaine, Washington which develops, publishes, and distributes branded computer software applications specializing in end-point PC management, OS integrity, and instant restore.