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Horizon DataSys Revamps Their Customer Support to Keep Up with Increased Demand

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Horizon DataSys affirmed their commitment to an exemplary level of customer service through the introduction of new customer support channels.

Blaine, WA (PRWEB) September 30, 2013

Horizon DataSys announced today that they’ve implemented new channels for better customer assistance, technical support, and sales inquiries. These customer support channels include a new IM chat module, a new community forum, extended hours, and international calling numbers. All of these enhancements are to address the increased volume of inquiries associated with new releases of their instant PC recovery software (RollBack Rx, Drive Vaccine and Reboot Restore Rx).

Today’s consumers are demanding a more personalized experience and means of interacting with the brands they support. The latest enhancements to Horizon DataSys website address this need by providing a seamless engagement with customers by facilitating a multi-channel communication platform through chats, email, webinars, phone conversations, blogs, forums, and so forth.

“We here at Horizon DataSys are committed to making use of innovative technologies and solutions,” explains Lyle Patel, President of Horizon DataSys, “that can help us support our customers and deliver remarkable customer experiences.” He explained that the prior system wasn’t able to keep up with the increased levels of customers that the new release of their RollBack Rx and Drive Vaccine software have been attracting.

RollBack Rx v10.2 has been garnering rave reviews and personal recommendations. RollBack Rx is an instant PC time machine that allows the restoration of an entire system back to any number of snapshots (or restore points) in mere seconds. RollBack Rx has been gaining increasing popularity as the preferred software to replace Windows 8’s built-in Refresh and Reset option (previously calledWindows System Restore) with a more robust recovery capability.

Drive Vaccine is quickly becoming the go-to restore-on-reboot software for managing multi-user PCs. Drive Vaccine is intended for public access computers and allows IT departments to automate the process of resetting PCs. Drive Vaccine is a non-restrictive desktop security that simplifies IT management by keeping public machines optimally and consistently configured and easily recoverable from any software corruption, from accidentally deleted files, virus infections, the Blue Screen of Death, on up to issues that cause Windows to no longer boot.

With the discontinuation of Microsoft SteadyState in 2010, there was a gapping need for a free solution designed for shared computer management specifically for cash-strapped IT environments. This was the primary reason Horizon DataSys introduced Reboot Restore Rx earlier this year. Reboot Restore Rx is now the freeware solution to replace SteadyState.

Horizon DataSys has committed itself to an exemplary level of customer service. Toward this end, they’ve recently implemented a new issue-tracking system that will enhance their ability to quickly answer sales and support tickets. “We opted to go with Kayako’s help desk and customer support software,” explains Jester Santos, Customer Relations Manager at Horizon DataSys. “Because we wanted to offer customers a better user experience and the shortest possible ticket turnover times.”

Horizon DataSys has also recently expanded their customer support hours and are now open around-the-clock on weekdays. Their support agents are now available 24/5 with localized phone numbers in over 20 countries. Horizon DataSys has geared themselves up to better accommodate international clients and to quickly provide them with exceptional customer support. These added hours and international presence is a direct response to the influx of sales and inquiries of its software to work in conjunction with Microsoft Surface Pro and with the upcoming launch of Windows 8.1 expected to be on October 18th.

About Horizon DataSys: Horizon DataSys Corporation is a privately held software company headquartered in Blaine, Washington which develops, publishes, and distributes branded computer software applications specializing in end-point PC management, OS integrity, and instant restore.

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