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Ethical Hacker Cracks RollBack Rx Pro at Microsoft Ignite, New Update Now Available

By June 9, 2015March 9th, 2021No Comments

It finally happened.

For years we’ve challenged system administrators, coders, programmers, IT admins and more at tech and educational trade shows to defeat our PC time machine RollBack Rx Professional for a chance to win an Xbox 360, and more recently an Xbox One. This past show marks the first time someone has beaten that challenge.

We’ve always put it out there for two reasons. The first one is simple – it’s a chance to show off the strength of our software. At SpiceWorld in Austin, at multiple Tech Ed’s (recently merged into Microsoft Ignite), and many more, it’s a great way for us to show off RollBack Rx’s abilities as it’s not the easiest software to comprehend at first, but we believe getting hands on experience with it and seeing it in action takes away all doubts and misunderstandings.

The second reason was that if, for some reason we couldn’t predict, someone could crack the software we would then have a vulnerability to patch up. This serves to just make our programs better.

Bitter sweetly, the second reason is why we’re writing about this today.

A very talented individual at Microsoft Ignite came by our booth on the last day with only an hour to go in the show. This person had spent the last couple nights going over our program, and found a previously unknown exploit that he was able to then effectively enter into the software without any Administration password and remove it, thus removing the protection the software offers.

This person beat RollBack Rx Professional, and more than earned themselves an Xbox One.

Working with this individual we were shown the exploit, and most importantly, how to fix it. We sincerely thank this person for all their help and hard work.

Now the good news. Within three weeks the development team has patched and fixed this exploit which affects all previous versions and builds of RollBack Rx Professional, Home Edition, Server Edition, Reboot Restore Rx, and our instant recovery software Drive Vaccine.

We here at Horizon DataSys highly recommend updating to the most recent build of the aforementioned programs to have the most secure version running.

If you have Annual Maintenance and/or are currently using version 10.0 and above you qualify for a free upgrade. If not, you may inquire about how to upgrade by either chatting with a representative at, or by calling us directly at 1-800-496-0148.

You can directly download the latest build here.

For security reasons we will not be explaining pharmacy technician online schools how the previous versions were cracked.


~The Horizon DataSys Team