Back to School! That means it’s time to beef up PC security


Drive Vaccine

For parents, the week before school starts is like the calm before the storm. You can see it coming in from the horizon so you start to prepare as best you can – enforcing earlier bed times, buying new backpacks, making sure you’ve got their mechanical pencils and pens, their rulers and binders. That’s the typical preparation.

For the IT professional, the week before school starts is like the calm before Armageddon. This person is juicing the school’s networks with as much security as possible. They’ve got anti-virus software loaded up, anti-malware, restricted network usage, they’ve locked down the WiFi/hardwired Internet, set up accounts (both teacher and student), installed real-time monitoring devices, and are waiting for the eventual demise of their PC’s.

From the IT standpoint schools are guaranteed to cause problems. Curious students will eventually fiddle with things they shouldn’t, teachers will somehow temporarily gain admin access and make changes they shouldn’t either. A virus will get downloaded, an email attachment from the Prince of Nigeria will be opened, and the resulting crashes will fall into the IT admin’s lap.

This is why we made Drive Vaccine – to provide true data protection to help prevent any IT disaster, particularly for public access machines such as school computer labs.

The program is meant to be used and abused. It will stand up to most anything you throw at it: deleted registry keys, vicious malware and viruses, even ransomware. This is because Drive Vaccine is an instant recovery software that creates and stores a single baseline image the PC will always revert to upon every reboot, logoff, or any other event or scheduled task you create. The program also functions outside of the Windows operating system, and will load prior to Windows booting up at all. This is a failsafe so if Windows itself gets corrupted, one could simply load up the program first and get the computer back up and running in seconds. It’s that simple.

Now, if you want something similar to Drive Vaccine but a little more advanced and providing some deeper desktop security then there’s also RollBack Rx. This program is like Drive Vaccine decided to hit the gym hard.

It creates and stores multiple snapshots in a variety of ways, whether you want it to automatically create them on every boot, schedule, certain event, or manually. You can choose to snap between these images in seconds, so even if you were working on a document and the PC crashes, you could quickly revert to an older snapshot. From there, you can virtually open the state you were just working on, grab your documents to your clean snapshot, and continue your work. It truly is a PC time machine. This is the kind of software you want on any home-based PC and student/work laptops.

That’s what our software is all about – making IT simple, and helping out schools with the lifespan of their PC’s.

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