In a recent speech, Virginia Senator Mark Warner, described hacking, social media manipulation, and other digital attacks as a new form of warfare. One where countries with low financial resources can invest in cyber attacks which come at a low cost to these economies in comparison to traditional military hardware (Vehicles, Guns, etc.)

“I worry at times we may be spending too much time [and] resources on 20th century stuff when increasingly conflict in the 21st century will be cyber, will be misinformation and disinformation,” said Warner in an interview.

Compared to the USA, countries like Russia and China spend more on Cyber Security; and thus are more protected against such attacks.

Warner’s remarks do not go unheeded. While there is much work to do in this area, The US government has begun work to prioritize Cyber Security and increase spending towards increasing protection.

Still, despite all these efforts, it’s still advised that individuals and companies set up some desktop security software. By implementing such solutions, we not only protect our data but also eliminate PC downtime.

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