Desktop Security Software

With PCs constantly under the threat of malicious programs, viruses, malwares and so on, desktop security has become a major concern to all types of PC users.

Back in the day, desktop security meant locking down a PC from running certain applications, programs and web browsing to certain extent. In most cases, PC administrators locked down the desktops mostly to avoid wasting time troubleshooting these PCs. However, due to the nature of locking down desktops it can be difficult for many users.

In retrospect, the previous definition of desktop security involved implementing many security solutions such as anti-virus software and anti-malware software along with repetitive backup of data. However, this uses a lot of computer resources.

But what if desktop security has a whole new meaning in the technology present today?

Horizon DataSys takes the concept of desktop security to a whole new level. With the implementation of RollBack Rx, PC administrators do not have to install a lot of software solutions to protect their systems. RollBack Rx provides revolutionary desktop security.

Working within the sector level of the system, RollBack Rx provides desktop security by providing the ability to restore the system and all its data by reverting back to an original state backing out any unwanted changes caused by applications or system updates.

RollBack Rx is a desktop security application that not only provides the user the freedom to use any or all applications but also the security to protect the system and the assurance of protecting their data from unwanted or malicious changes.