Eliminate PC Downtime

With RollBack Rx, you have a data and system restore solution enabling the recovery of a PC that has crashed within seconds or minutes. To fix computer problems, RollBack Rx, creates a protective shield around the data, which it protects, at the same time letting you access this data and work with it. No back up technology is involved, which means RollBack Rx does not need to be allotted extra hard drives or server storage. RollBack Rx’s ground breaking technology makes it fully recover your PC. It does not use back-up technology; therefore it doesn’t require additional hard drive or server storage space. RollBack Rx enables a system to be fully recovered within seconds, despite the reason for the system crash. It could have been a hacker, a virus infection or just a user error. What’s more, even if you have formatted or “Fdisk” your PC, you can still rescue it with RollBack Rx.

RollBack Rx Excels Over Existing Methods

The existing methods used for system restore and to repair computer problems are not complete. They necessitate the continuous backing up of data by the user. Many organizations use ghosting software, which keeps on backing, up files. As a result of this, the organization wastes precious manpower to actually get these backups done. Human slip-ups in backing up data are normal. And if the person responsible for backing up data misses a batch of files, it leaves them open to a system crash. While ghosting technology is ideal for mass deployment of PCs, it is not the best choice for disaster recovery. Why? Simply because only the baseline configuration, operating system and some standard applications are ghosted. If you are a user and your system is restored with ghosting technology, you can bid goodbye to all your data, wasting hours of hard work and resources. On top of all that, ghosting needs an operative to put that disk into the crashed pc. And there is no telling when one will be free to be able to do this, because these help staff is invariably tied up with something, creating downtime on the PC. If your network speed is slow, ghosting can take many hours to just take that image of your PC, hogging bandwidth and generally creating an inconvenience all around. Valuable man-hours are lost.

RollBack Rx system restore software, on the other hand, does not have any of the above problems. It does not leave anything to chance. Compared to other methods, it is very cost effective to repair computer problems, protects all your data in its entirety, only takes minutes to do a pc restore, and has you working in no time at all.