Restore PC to Factory Settings

Restore – quite a powerful word when it comes to PC technology. Why is restore important when it comes to the protection of the computer system and why it is the hot topic in today’s computer world as well as in software solutions?

Restore is the ability to rollback a computer’s system to a certain period in time to bring forth a system state in order to recover from a corrupted one or to roll back from unwanted changes made by applications or system registry. The restore function was first widely seen in the ‘System Restore’ function in the Windows Operating System. However, the System Restore lacks in flexibility and the ability to recover the entire user’s data.

The System Restore does manage to roll back the system to a certain point in time, but it does not always give the user a pleasant experience in restoring the system neither does it always recover the entire user’s data. The System Restore works great when you want to restore the PC to factory settings or would just like to recover the system files. But what if restoring just to the factory settings are not enough but you would like to restore to a chosen time and recover everything include operating system and user data.

Many software solutions developed these days tend to work and perform better than the classic ‘System Restore’ which can be still found in many of the Windows Operating System, although the name changed in the Windows 8 from ‘System Restore’ to ‘Restore and Refresh’. The new software solution which performs the same function as that of the ‘System Restore’ in Windows plus much more can also sometimes lack in user flexibility and the ability to recover everything. Some of them can only recover the operation system while some of them can recover partial data. They are many that can restore everything but they consume much of the system resources, data space and the time to restore and recover.

Horizon DataSys have reinvented the whole concept of system restore and the function of restoring pc to factory settings. With the development of software solutions such as Drive Vaccine, Drive Cloner and even the freeware Reboot Restore Rx, the Windows System Restore is now a thing of the past. These software solutions can restore a PC to factory settings or even to a user chosen restore point. Along with the restoring complete data, these solutions even provide more user flexibility and use less system resources to perform a system restore or recovery.