Reboot, Recovery and Relief with RollBack Rx

Fixing computer problems is generally regarded as a delicate task that involves the risk of making things worse, or deleting data accidentally. With RollBack Rx system restore software the process of repairing computer problems is so easy that even someone who has basic knowledge of computers can maintain his or her pc. They will no longer have to depend on outside help to show them how to reconfigure their computers, perform a pc restore or reinstall the operating system, which is a tedious process.

Installing application or device drivers is something only trained technicians are expected to do, because if there is a situation where one of the installations goes wrong, the entire process might have to be repeated, wasting time, money and worse still, increased downtime. That is about continuity of work. During this procedure, if data happens to be deleted then the user must work extra to recreate the whole thing, adding to the frustration.

Restore, Rollback and Retrieve

Imagine being able to fix computer problems with one keystroke! This is exactly what you can do with RollBack Rx system restore software. It protects and restores computer settings to whichever point in time you choose. The scheduled snapshot feature, which is the heart of Rollback Rx ensures that each and every PC can be updated, so that they function without any down time. You never have to wait for professional help to tweak a setting that appears simple enough. To repair computer issues, you need not reinstall operating systems with the fear that something might go wrong or that you might waste a lot of time. Instead, with the confidence that Rollback Rx is protecting your system, you can manage your time better towards other priorities related to your work. Additionally, you have the advantage of being able to control computers that are in remote locations, which means you don’t have to physically be present in front of the PC to fix computer problems. A problematic software upgrade, a virus, spyware can all be eliminated by rolling your pc back to a safe point where it functioned normally.

Easy to Maintain

Depending on the kind of work you use your computer for; Rollback Rx is available in different versions with additional features to suit different computing environments. Maintaining your PC has never been easier; since Rollback Rx lets you restore your computer as quickly as you can restart your computer. Whether it is a stand-alone computer or part of a network, fix computer problems with the click of a mouse, while retaining all the data you were working on right up to the moment the problem occurred!