How Schools Can Protect Computers from Students

In today’s modern world of education, many education institutes, i.e schools, universities implement computers in their classrooms, libraries, learning labs and so on. These computers might be used with different purposes. Some of them are used for internet browsing and some for e-learning purposes and some even for test-bed purposes. With the need of integrating PC technology in Schools, many IT administrators find themselves using many resources to protect the Computers from students.

In the past, in order for Schools to protect the computer from Students IT administrators lock down their PCs without giving full access to their students. Another option is that the IT administrators would install many security applications such as anti-virus, anti-malware, and other recovery solutions. This strategy would require lots of resources including quite bit of a financial budget. The process is long and weary as most of the process includes re-imaging the systems, re-installing the software applications and such.

Locking down a system used to be seen as a decent technique to protect Computers from Students but that would mean restricting many of applications and services of a system. This can be frowned upon by students sometimes as they are prevented much access to the system. The reasons IT administrators use this process is to protect the system from Students accidentally corrupting the system. But, how is a student going to learn if he/she is not allowed to have a full usage of the system. Why do IT administrators need to use a ton of resources and a collection of software to protect their systems.? What if there is a software solution that would take care of restoring a system in seconds and even allow the IT administrators to give the students full usage to their systems.

Drive Vaccine being an instant restore/recovery solution is used by many educational institutions as IT administrators now no longer have the need to run many software solutions to protect their system. With Drive Vaccine installed on the systems, IT administrators can now allow students to fully use a system without the need to worry about recovering a system. Drive Vaccine can instantly restore a system and bring back to a refresh state manually or automatically.

Using a snapshot technology, Schools can now use Drive Vaccine to protect computers from students. With the ability to recover from any software failures, OS corruption, registry failures and even viruses, Drive Vaccine is not only able to protect the system but even recover the systems. Now IT administrators can relax and let the students utilize their skills and use their school computers to learn and improve e-learning.