Product Comparison Chart

Get to know the features and difference between our products

Want to know how our products stack up against each other? Below is a comparison chart for all our instant restore offerings: Reboot Restore Rx (freeware), Reboot Restore Rx Pro, RollBack Rx Home Edition, RollBack Rx Professional and RollBack Rx Server Edition.

We hope you all find it useful. Do feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the product offerings.

  • Restore on Reboot

    Reset to Baseline on boot up or hard reset
  • One Click Instant Update

    Update baseline without restarting PC
  • VM Software Support

    compatible with VMWare, VirtualBox
  • Protects the MBR

    controls the boot records
  • Mini OS Access

    subconsole allows restore from an unbootable state
  • Access Control & Data Security

    Multiple User Access & Permissions
  • Stealth Mode

    Hide System Tray Icon and Splash Screen
  • Remote Management

    management console to control multiple clients over a network
  • Restore on any Schedule

    Hourly, Daily, Weekly, from Idle or Logoff
  • Back out of Baseline Updates

    Easily undo a baseline/snapshot Update
  • Automate Updates

    Dynamic Windows and AntiVirus Update support
  • Exclude Files & Folders from Restore

    files & folders remain unchanged
  • Task Scheduler

    automatically take snapshots or restore from snapshot based on time or event driven
  • Maximum Snapshots

    number of saved snapshots
  • Multiple Drive Support

    Support for 4 physical drives and 8 logical partitions
  • Snapshot Encryption

    Prevent Data Loss from stolen PC or Laptop
  • Server OS Support

  • Dynamic Database Support

  • RAID Support

    RAID 0,1 & 5 support

  • Windows Admin Only

  • Tray Icon Hidden for Non-Admin Users