Platinum Support

Platinum support includes our volume based price protection, flexible licensing and our Platinum upgrade path. Purchase of this support package is only available at the time of purchase of the software licenses.

Platinum Support Costs

The cost of Platinum support is calculated between 20 to 30% (depending on the number of coverage years) of the total cost of software licenses. Platinum support is only available to sales greater than 5 licenses. The Platinum support fee is a annual fee and can be cancelled at any time by contacting our sales team.

Volume Based Price Protection

Example: Let’s say you purchased 250 commercial licenses of RollBack Rx in 2012 at a cost of $39 per license. You now need an additional 10 more licenses. In this case, you would be price protected at the volume at which your organization owns licenses. Therefore, you would purchase the additional 10 licenses at $39 per license. Alternatively, if you did not have the Platinum support package you would need to purchase the 10 additional licenses anew at the listed pricing of $49 each (This would be under the standard SILVER support plan).
This method of price protection suits organization that would like to slowly increase thier number of licenses over a extended period of time.

Flexible Licensing

When your organization purchases additional licenses – you get to decide whether you would like the licenses added to your existing PRODUCT ID / Activation code or if you would like to have a completely unique key for you addional license purchase. Many organizations like to create a master image of their deployments and use a single license key for all their installations.
Horizon DataSys understands that many organization prefer a licensing policy that can easily adapt to thier organizational requirements.

Platinum Upgrade Path

Our Platinum Customers now have the option to upgrade their licenses to newer versions of our software for free as long as their annual maintenace payments are active and current (meaning that there were no missed years of annual maintenance payments). The annual maintenance payment rate is subject to change based on current pricing conditions.

Our current annual maintenance rates / year are (30% for 1 year, 25% for 2 years, 20% for 3 years).

Contact our sales team if you would like us to send an electronic quotation to you or if you would like us to answer any questions that you may have.