Hard Drive Restore Software

It seems that using Windows requires that you do a fresh install of Windows every so often. Running an install of Windows for extended periods of time — installing and uninstalling programs, updating Windows and all your various programs, combating infections, changing settings, creating and deleting files, et cetera — inexorably introduces corruptions to your system.

Many IT managers find that the easiest solution to this issue is to simply leave the machines as is and just put up with all the various start-up delays, extended shut-downs, performance lags, various error messages, botched updates, unauthorized spyware installations, et cetra, et cetera. But eventually the Windows install will become unusable or too glitchy. If left alone, your public access machines will slowly become more and more corrupted. So, since Windows regularly requires a clean install every so often to comb out various snags and enhance performance, what’s the best way to do this?

Some Possible Solutions

For public access machines it simply isn’t practical to be regularly formatting your drive, reinstalling and updating Windows and all your programs and tweaking all the settings to again have the machines just the way you would like them to always stay. Alternatively, if you image the entire harddrive you know that this can take upwards of an hour for a conventional 1TB hard drive. So typically IT administrators who make images only make new images infrequently. And if you attempt to restore Windows using this now out-of-date image, this typically takes about 10-20 minutes for a few hundred gigabytes of data. Realistically, Imaging is a last resort solution and is only practical if you have no other options. It’s simply not the best use of your time to reinstall and update Windows and all your apps on a regular basis.

But there is a way you can painlessly return your machines back to their pristine state as if you had just done a fresh install of Windows and all your programs every time your users boot up the machines. So you no longer need to regularly rebuild your Windows installations from scratch to remove all those common performance problems.

Introducing Reboot Restore Rx Professional

Do you find yourself waiting for your computer to respond? Do you waste precious time waiting for your computer to startup? How about waiting for it to shutdown? Wouldn’t you like it to instead run just like it did when you freshly installed Windows?

What if you could simply lock-in this perfect system state. At a later time when the system slows down to a crawl you can simply return it to that perfect system state. This is exactly what Reboot Restore Rx Professional does!
Reboot Restore Rx Professional provides a quick and simple way of making Windows much more predictable. Reboot Restore Rx Professional’s various options allow you to configure your computer to continually revert back to a cached pristine state (or baseline) every time one user logs out and a new user logs in. You won’t even notice any change in the start-up time. A fresh, new Windows install now requires zero rebuild time. In the amount of time it takes you to restart you can restore your PC back to this baseline. And your entire harddrive can be set to restore back to this reset point on restart, on any fixed schedule, or if the machine goes idle for a set period of time that you specify.

Reboot Restore Rx Professional Makes it Simple to Restore your Entire Harddrive

Reboot Restore Rx Professional allows you to go back to how your PC was an hour ago, or yesterday, or the day before yesterday. But it’s allows for a lot more granularity than that; Reboot Restore Rx Professional enables you to specify which files and folders on your harddrive will be restored to the baseline and which aspects will remain unchanged. You could use Reboot Restore Rx Professional to get a complete, clean, and full Windows re-install on every restart. Or you could retain personal user files and folders that will remain persistent after the rest of the harddrive has returned to the baseline. It gives you a lot more flexibility on how you’d like your PCs reset.

Effectively, Reboot Restore Rx Professional streamlines the whole Windows reinstall process. Its simple yet powerful interface allows you to also update the baseline to incorporate the latest Windows and program updates from within Windows without requiring a restart. When you’ve downloaded and installed the Windows and program updates simply press the “Update Baseline” button. Since Reboot Restore Rx Professional sits below Windows you don’t need to turn off its protection in order to do updates to the baseline. This also means that you can undo any Windows and program updates that you’re not happy with. With many competing products you actually need to turn off the restore-on-reboot software by restarting the PC to its naked Windows state. When updates are then made to the baseline in this unprotected Windows state there’s no way to undo them. Suppose you install the latest Windows updates and also update your baseline only to discover a week later that the new browser plug-in causes a conflict with another program. Rather than uninstalling this new browser plug-in on all your PCs, with Reboot Restore Rx Professional you can simply undo your baseline update with a single button, the “back-out-changes” button. This can be done remotely on all the PCs on your network through the free Remote Management Console utility.

You can also automate the process of updating the baseline by suspending the restore in order to allow for regularly scheduled system updates. That way you can keep with the latest Windows and program updates without having to put aside your precious time in order to do this.

Give Your Public Users an Unrestricted Windows Experience

With Reboot Restore Rx Professional you can let your users do whatever they would like on the PC without restricting them from any Windows functions. Rather than write-protecting your harddrive — that is restricting users’ privileges — with Reboot Restore Rx Professional you can simply restore your computer to exactly how it was when the baseline was created or last updated, regardless of what the users do. This enables you to let your public users have access to all Windows functionality and allows them to do their worse without affecting anything on the protected harddrive. Reboot Restore Rx Professional wipes the system clean at the end of every log-off — or reboot, or at the end of the day, week, month, or every five minutes, or on any fixed schedule, after a period of inactivity, or whatever your trigger event is — and loads the baseline fresh on every reboot, abandoning whatever the changes the users have made to the system. So, go ahead, let them hack the registry, download viruses, change the background, et cetra. The PC will quickly and automatically restore your original baseline configuration without any fuss or hassle.

There’s no IT staff nanny-monitoring required. You don’t have to constantly look over the users shoulders to make sure they’re not roaming outside the boundaries you’ve set on their browsing. Imagine a stress-free IT environment! You no longer have to worry about some human errors, viruses, cookies, hacks, et cetra that you’ll have to deal with. Everything always stays exactly the way you want it to! Reboot Restore Rx Professional effectively immunizes your computers against all those things that usually go wrong. Reboot Restore Rx Professional takes mere seconds to back-up your entire harddrive and takes a single reboot to restore that entire harddrive to an earlier point in time.

PC Management Made Easy

Reboot Restore Rx Professional reduces the cost of ownership of your organization’s PCs. It’ll greatly help you save money from your tight IT budget. Reboot Restore Rx Professional is the only app you need to ensure optimum Windows performance on your public access PCs. Reboot Restore Rx Professional is like an OS for your Windows OS. It provides a consistent baseline regardless of whatever changes the users make. This consistent baseline, ensures the same configuration on all your PCs throughout the network. You no longer need to try and figure out how to undo whatever it is the users have done. Simply return the PC back to the baseline. It’s a simple, easy-to-use, hassle-free, cost-effective way of simply undoing all such issues. It saves on maintenance costs, extends the life of your equipment, and lets you leave for home earlier at the end of the day. It’ll save you a lot of time so you can do more important things.

IT administrators use many third-party apps to supplement Windows in order to ensure the continuous error-free functioning of Windows, such as virus scanners, personal firewall applications, safe browsing filters, et cetra. The problem with such anti-virus and malware removal programs is that they’re always playing catch-up, constantly trying to identify and remove existing infestations and updating dat files. Filters limit the sensible uses of your PCs and occationally let through unwanted intruders. With Reboot Restore Rx Professional you simply undo the problem. Imagine if you could just roll the clock back instantly to before any such problem issue appeared on your machine.

Reboot Restore Rx Professional is perfect for MCSE courses which require users to have access to and make changes to system settings (Device Manager, network settings, et cetra, to do configuration tweaks, install a printer, et cetra). Your unrestricted PCs will now effectively be bullet-proof! From the users perspective, they are using an unrestricted PC. Reboot Restore Rx Professional is designed to protect public access computers from inadvertent user errors as well as malicious attempts to mess up the PCs. Reboot Restore Rx Professional allows you to be a lot more carefree. Your users can now crash your system and you don’t have to worry about it. So, go ahead, give them all admin privileges! Can you imagine how much easier this would make your job?!

If you would like to enhance the end-user experience and not prohibit their sensible uses of the machines Reboot Restore Rx Professional is the one software you need. You’ll get peace of mind knowing the machines aren’t going to end up on your desk for resetting.

Having Reboot Restore Rx Professional keeps you on task, it optimizes your time so you’re not unnecessarily running around putting out fires, trying to figure out how to undo all the various things students do on your PCs. It saves time, money, and needless stress.