Crash Proofing your Computer

PC problems have been around since the beginning of computers. It is so true that system crashes always seem to occur at the worst possible time, either when you’re late, on a deadline, or when no one is around to help you. You can’t always avoid a disaster. But, preventive PC maintenance can protect you from the inevitable. If you are tired of seeing the dreaded ‘Blue Screen of Death’? Well then, you should consider RollBack Rx. Your computer will restart into any pristine state (that you select) instead of showing the dreaded Blue Screen of Death.

BSOD: The Blue Screen of Death

Any PC user can relate to the Blue Screen of Death. It’s a screen that pops up compliments of Microsoft; when you did absolutely nothing wrong but they need to inform you that you did anyways. It usually requires your to restart your PC. The Blue Screen of Death is abbreviated as BSOD or BSoD, and is also known for, what is technically called a STOP message or STOP error. It’s the blue, full screen error that often displays after a serious system crash.

The text on the BSoD may list files involved in the crash including any drivers that may have been conflicted with and often a short, cryptic, description of what can be done about the problem. The BSOD usually will appear when a critical error, or crash, occurs and as usual the computer needs to be restarted in an attempt to fix the issue or at least continue use of the PC.

Using RollBack Rx to Crash-Proof Your Computer

RollBack Rx system restore software’s abilities are nothing short of a miracle. The PC restore takes your system back to an earlier point in time enabling you to repair computer problems that might have occurred as a result of virus infections or bad software install. RollBack Rx can fix computer issues, restoring your system, along with registry, settings and your entire data. There’s the choice of taking multiple snapshots of your system and you can rollback to even months, restoring your hard drive to that date. You can also select which folders and files can be excluded from a pc restore. RollBack Rx system restore software only takes up about 0.07% of your total hard disk space while letting you take up to 60,000 snapshots.

Tech Support at Your Fingertips

When you rollback your computer with RollBack Rx, it is set up by default to take a snapshot of the system. By keeping this feature enabled, you can do a PC restore and recover whatever files you want with the user-friendly file recovery option. RollBack Rx gives you the flexibility to set it up so that only you can use it on a network. You also have the option of allowing full or partial access to the program in case you need “access control”.

When your computer is infested with a Trojan, a virus, or a worm, you expect to lose all your data. With RollBack Rx system restore software you don’t ever need to lose a single file or program. Let’s take an example: You have RollBack Rx installed on your system, taking scheduled snapshots. Suppose a virus gets into your system, your antivirus software notifies you and takes no action. The first thing to do is to stop your Internet traffic immediately because you don’t want the worm sending out your personal and confidential data to some weird site out there. Now, your computer is infected. You don’t need to panic. You have a very easy way to roll back to the point when your pc was not infected. You can reboot your pc. Your Windows operating system won’t boot up, obviously. Now comes the best part. You press the Home key and when you see the green light, select the snapshot that RollBack Rx created just before the infection. RollBack Rx will only take about two to three seconds to repair computer issues and begin the booting process. A virus check on your computer will show a clean computer. RollBack Rx is nothing short of a miracle – in terms of time and effort, don’t you think?