Connect With Our Community: Now Gone Mobile!

The Horizon DataSys Community is comprised of a web-based forum and technical blog that has benefited the clients of Horizon DataSys. It is a great place for advanced PC users and members of the Horizon DataSys community to discuss best practices and user cases for the software solutions offered by Horizon DataSys.

Traditionally, our community users would only be able to connect using a computer that was connected to the internet. Users have since evolved and with the advent of social media – users prefer a more direct method of connectivity. One where they can connect with social groups and communities using their readily available tablets and mobile phones, making it more easy and enjoyable to view and post comments while the ideas are fresh on your mind.

Horizon DataSys Forum and Community

The Horizon DataSys Community Forum comprises of a Mobile Suite including native Android mobile apps for your site. These apps provide your growing number of mobile users with an optimized Smartphone experience. The full featured community forum app showcases our recent discussions and provides mobile moderation capabilities.

Android Mobile Features

* Send and receive PM’s
* Access and post to the most recent discussions
* Read and post to Horizon DataSys Community Forum mobile blogs and articles
* View Horizon DataSys Community Forum mobile profiles
* Customize your mobile account anywhere, anytime

Forum Runner

Your site users can access your Horizon DataSys Community Forum 5 Connect site via the Android mobile app from Forum Runner. Forum Runner is built into Horizon DataSys Community Forum 5 Connect at no cost to you. The Forum Runner apps provide most of your site’s functionality optimized for mobile devices such as Smartphone’s.

Simply turn on Forum Runner in the Admin Control Panel and your forum will be usable for everyone who has downloaded the Forum Runner Android app.

Forum Runner features include:

* View embedded links directly from the community app
* Full posting capability (quote posts, etc.)
* Moderate forums from your mobile device
* Customize your home screen with your favourite forums
* Read and post private messages
* Full forum search capabilities
* Browse multiple forums in an interface that is very easy to use
* Post photos and view images posted in forums and save them on your phone
* Free push notifications so you can get notified whenever people send you private messages or post in your subscribed threads.


Horizon DataSys Forum supports tablets and Android mobile devices
Visit the Android Play Store and look up “Horizon DataSys Community”.