Annual Maintenance Overview

Take The Stress Out Of Upgrading Or Expanding Your License Count

What Is Annual Maintenance?

At Horizon DataSys, we offer Annual Maintenance packages for all of our products. Annual Maintenance carries a lot of cost-saving benefits that help keep the program up to date and in an inexpensive fashion.

For Enterprise Clients (Commercial and Educational Users), an active Annual Maintenance subscription gets you:

  • Volume Price Protection
  • Free Major Upgrades
  • Prioritized Support.

For Consumers (Home and Small Businesses), an active Annual Maintenance subscription gets you

  • Free Major Upgrades and Prioritized Support.
Is Annual Maintenance Required?

For Consumer customers, Annual Maintenance is not required but is highly recommended as it ensures you get the most effective support and low-cost access to new upgrades.

For Enterprise customers, the first year is required with a strong recommendation to continue support across multiple years. We find that with the general requirements of our customers in regards to setup, deployment, and overall support, The needs of most customers require an active Annual Maintenance subscription. If you feel as if you don’t need the Annual Maintenance, contact your Account Manager for more information.

What Does Volume Price Protection Mean For Me?

Volume Price Protection means that you are retaining any past volume price breaks you received during your previous purchase.
For End Users (Home Users and Small Business) there are no volume price breaks, so this is not applicable.

What Does Free Major Upgrades Mean For Me?

Major Upgrades contain significant changes in features; an example would be upgrading from Version 10.x to Version 11.x. An active Annual Maintenance subscription does mean that you are getting those upgrades at no additional cost. Without an active Annual Maintenance subscription, you would pay the regular price for new licenses of that version with the occasional exception.

To read about our Software Upgrade Policy more in-depth, check it out HERE.

What Does Prioritized Support Mean For Me?

At Horizon DataSys, we aim to provide exceptional support to all of our clients. While every customer is guaranteed a response from our Technical Support team, priority is given to customers who have paid into Annual Maintenance, which means that our award winning customer service is delivered to you with greater speed.

How Much Does Annual Maintenance Cost?

Annual Maintenance is a percentage of the current total license cost. For Enterprise and Consumer clients, a 1 year plan is 30% of the total license cost. Enterprise clients benefit from additional packages, including a 2 year plan which is 25% of the total license cost per year, and a 3 year plan which is 20% of the total license cost per year. If you wish to have a longer period than 3 years, please speak with your Sr. Account Executive.

What Happens If I Want To Renew My Annual Maintenance But It Was Not Originally Purchased Or Coverage Has Ended?

Annual Maintenance must be purchased at the same time as the licenses, and renewals must be on the day of expiration or before. If you did not purchase Annual Maintenance or it has expired, contact your Sr. Account Executive or email to see what options are available to you.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about Annual Maintenance, feel free to ask your Sr. Account Executive; or you can always email us at, call us at 1-800-496-0148 option 1, submit a ticket, or chat with us using our live chat system.