SpiceWorld 2016 – Horizon DataSys in Austin

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Hello folks,

The Horizon DataSys Team has landed in Austin, Texas for SpiceWorld 2016!

We’re looking forward to the trade show which tends to bring in the best of the best in the IT world for a full week of discussions and sessions, and the Xbox One Challenge. If you’re in SpiceWorld, be sure to stop by the Horizon DataSys booth to say hi and check out the software, because if you can beat our instant recovery software you’ll walk home with an Xbox One on us.

For those who don’t know the challenge works like this:

  1. Approach our PC.
  2. Crash the PC.
  3. If our software can’t bring the PC back online, you walk away with the Xbox One.
  4. If it does, you fail… sorry!

There are rules, however, such as no use of the USB drive, no physically touching or damaging the machine, and no flashing or entering the BIOS. Your steps must be repeatable, as we will forward the steps you took to our development team to look at (and potentially patch!) to confirm its authenticity.

Other than that the team has been enjoying Austin! We’re shooting a new video to go along with our new website, getting some R&R in at the local restaurants and bars, and overall enjoying our time in one of the best cities in the USA.

Be sure to stop by Booth #57 to say hi to Kurtis, Ram, Lyle, and Andrew!

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