Hackers love to pretend they have the dirt on us. Maybe they claim to have access to our bank accounts, or access to our personal records, or they have incriminating photos of us that they will send to our friends and family… unless we send them a modest amount of Bitcoin.

Now it’s not just individuals that Hackers have the dirt on, it’s companies! The Bitcoin Abuse Database reports that a particular Bitcoin Wallet is threatening to block their domain and ruin their reputation forever!

Here’s a great example:

“Hey. Soon your hosting account and your domain //my website name // will be blocked forever, and you will receive tens of thousands of negative feedback from angry people. Pay me 0.5 BTC until June 1, 2019. Otherwise, you will get the reputation of a malicious spammer, your site //my website name // will be blocked for life and you will be sued for insulting believers. I guarantee this to you.”

These kind of emails aren’t anything new. As mentioned in the opening paragraph, hackers have claimed to have access to our private data now for years. These claims to have access to this information or to have the tools to wreak this much havoc are completely baseless.

The fact of the matter is, if someone could hack your organization and  wreak havoc, they would. They wouldn’t email you blackmailing you, they’d deploy a sophisticated Ransomware capable of locking out your devices and data. Much like what we saw recently with the Ransomware attack on the City Of Baltimore.

So what should you do if you get this email? Delete it. While it’s always recommended to have instant restore software installed; there’s no reason to believe that you would need to use it in this particular instance.

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