Traditional Backup and Restore

Most backup and recovery methods are time-consuming. If you’re familiar with imaging you know that a complete backup of your typical one terabyte harddrive can take upwards of an hour to do.

If you’re using an imaging product for backing up you’ll typically find that in order to back up 150GB of data you’ll be creating a full-backup image of about 70 GB in size (at the best available compression) and it takes about a minute per GB. So that’s already 70-90 minutes! To studiously do the regular backups usually means leaving your machine on for lengthy periods of time during which you can’t do any work on them. Imaging technology is best considered a last resort solution for the once-in-a-blue-moon occasion when you can’t seem to reset the PC any other way.

Even if you’re conscientious enough to back-up regularly you may still go lengthy periods between backups. The recency of your restore is only as good as when you made your last backup image which is typically a good month or more ago. Further, if you were to use this image to restore your machine, again that can take a good while to transfer the image back onto your harddrive. In short, preparing for and bouncing back from some errant click that’s messed up your machine has conventionally been a time-intensive process.

But now you don’t need to leave your computer on over-night to do a backup. Nor do you have to worry if your backup image is up-to-date. The key differentiator for RollBack Rx is that it’s for instant recovery. RollBack Rx is for all those daily micro-disasters. For all these sort of minor catastrophes you can’t usually resort to time-intensive solutions, like images, to recover an accidentally deleted file or some software corruption. Imaging isn’t a reasonable option. RollBack Rx is the fastest and most reliable backup and restore utility available today.

Instant Backup

RollBack Rx is the only backup utility available today that can reasonably be called an Instant Backup. RollBack Rx captures the entire contents of your 1TB drive in a few seconds (on most systems). You’ll never again have to remember to backup. By default, RollBack Rx will take a snapshot on the first boot of the day. With RollBack Rx you simply install it and forget it. Prior to Windows bootup a snapshot will imperceptibly be taken. You won’t even notice the extra second or two this takes. You can allow RollBack Rx to make regular snapshots that quietly sit in the background. Until, of course, that one day when you find that your computer has become infected by some malware or that you’ve accidentally deleted some important file or Windows refuses to load or some such event that causes you to need a bounce back from some such like misfortune.

The first snapshot (called the baseline) may take a bit longer than subsequent snapshots. But later snapshots perform an incremental data backup that takes mere seconds.

By default, RollBack Rx’s automatic backups occur in the background when you boot-up your PC. You won’t even notice any lag time in your regular Windows start-up. Your computer doesn’t need to be connected to the internet for these back-ups as they’re being stored on your harddrive and typically take up less than 1% of the primary harddrive (disk zero). These backups are encrypted sector maps of everything on your machine, Windows System files, your personal documents, spreadsheets, Outlook contacts, vacation photos, et cetra; in short, everything on your harddrive, right down to the icons on your desktop.

Instant Recovery

RollBack Rx also completely avoids the tedious process of installing Windows and all your applications from scratch. You can instantly restore to any one of your available snapshots with a single reboot cycle. Pick and choose which point in time you would like to return to, click OK, and when Windows restarts RollBack Rx painlessly and effortlessly restores your entire system back to exactly how it was the second when that chosen snapshot was taken. RollBack Rx performs a complete hard drive restoration in the amount of time it takes your PC to restart. A complete system restoration now requires zero rebuild time!

Our RollBack Rx instant restore software allows you to revert your entire system back to any number of snapshots. It’s much more than your typical backup and restore software. It’s an instant time-machine!

Recover Files Utility

RollBack Rx avoids the tedious task of restoring your machine. But you don’t need to do a complete return to an earlier snapshot. You can access your backed-up files without having to do a restore. RollBack Rx enables you to peer inside one snapshot from your current system without having to return your entire machine to that snapshot. That is, you can simply browse the contents of a snapshot without having to restore your entire machine back to that point in time. When you look inside a snapshot (other than the one your system is currently in) will open up a virtual drive in a few seconds. Then just drag-and-drop that file or folder from the snapshot onto your current desktop.

So whether its some catastropic software corruption or if you’re just wanting to access an older version of a personal file RollBack Rx can help you quickly recover from any software-related issue in seconds!

How Does Rollback Work So Quickly?

RollBack Rx doesn’t use so many resources as to noticeably slow down your PC. RollBack Rx doesn’t recreate files or folders into some temporary drive. Instead it uses a patented sector-based mapping technology that can quickly capture everything on the harddrive in a “snapshot.” This sector-map is a very concise but complete description of everything on the harddrive consisting of just the ones and zeros (1s and 0s). A snapshot is a bit-for-bit map of all the primary hard disk sectors as they existed the moment the snapshot was taken. This harddrive sector-map includes all files on the harddrive including Windows system data, all your personal documents, your various program settings, registry entries, wallpapers, icons, et cetera. In short, everything on your computer is crystallized into an explorable backup format. Unlike Windows System Restore, RollBack Rx doesn’t discriminate against what is and what isn’t backed-up. It simply backs-up everything!

Snapshots can be taken manually, on a fixed schedule, or even when a particular file is executed. Each snapshot takes up roughly 0.07% of the available storage capacity of the harddisk (but this depends on the incremental changes made since the previous snapshot) and as many as 60,000 snapshots can theoretically be inventoried.

RollBack Rx’s core algorithm is based on sector-mapping and incremental sector redirection. Windows operates at a cluster level, which consists of multiple disk sectors. RollBack Rx works at the disk sector level (just with the 1s and 0s). When a snapshot is taken, RollBack Rx freezes the primary hard disk’s sectors to their captured snapshot.

RollBack Rx’s patented sector-mapping algorithm and incremental sector redirection allows it to capture and manage its snapshots with very few resources in terms of processing time and memory usage. Horizon DataSys is one of very few companies that have reverse-engineered how Windows stores data and we’ve optimized the capture and storage of these incremental changes sector-by-sector.

At Horizon DataSys our core focus is on instant recovery. Ensuring that you get your PC back up and running quickly after any disaster is our first priority. RollBack Rx provides the fastest and most reliable disaster recovery available today.