Dear Customers,


We are sorry to announce that after many upgrades and changes throughout its duration, development for RollBack Rx Home has come to an end.

After the success of our freeware Reboot Restore Rx, RollBack Rx Home was created to give users the option of familiarizing themselves with the features and abilities without the need to first purchase the software in its entirety before migrating.  Launched as RollBack Rx XP, the program is a free instant time machine that enables users to easily restore their Windows PCs to any previous point in time. It reverses any system crash, allows users to explore and retrieve files from any snapshot, and recovers the PC from any malware or virus attack – all within seconds.



With RollBack Rx Pro’s robust features and capabilities still actively receiving updates, RollBack Rx Home received its final update in July 2019 and will be receiving no further development. The value of the development of Home Edition provided our organization with no tangible return and diverted the support resources and assistance from RollBack Rx Pro. The limitations of the Home Edition to justify it as a freeware created more support issues nonexistent on the Pro Edition, with no observable migration onto the latter.


Current users of RollBack Rx Home will be able to still operate and utilize their program with Windows 7 SP1, 8 & 10 (all 32 and 64-bit versions), and the latest build of RollBack Rx Home will still be available to download. Support moving forward will be limited in scope, as the software will be provided as-is.


For those seeking a Windows System Restore solution with more features and options, RollBack Rx Pro is available for a free trial off our website and provides users with infinite snapshots to restore to as well as robust customizations. For a full comparison chart of all our programs, click here.


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  • JOSÉ says:

    Eu achei interessante este programa

  • Don says:

    I have used Rollback RX Home for four years. I have been forced to use it to restore my system many times because of bad software installations. It has always restored system when it would not start on it’s own. I have never had any program that worked so well as Rollback Home. I recommend this program to anyone that uses a computer and don’ want to worry about it not working when you try new software. Rollback RX Home has saved my computer many times. Thank you, Horizon DataSys. Don

  • David Webb says:

    If you never download anything else, make sure you have Rx Pro on board.
    Its a ‘lifesaver’.

  • Simon says:

    This freeware version of Rollback RX is truly awesome. I have also had issues in the past with my PC and sure enough Rollback RX Freeware has truly been a savior. I would definitely recommend this software to anyone it truly does it’s job and I couldn’t be anymore happier & satisfied with this program it truly is amazing.
    Thank you Horizon DataSys…