In a recent report, it came to light that 64 million Credential Stuffing Attacks targeted the Retail, Hospitality, and Travel industries. In total, these 64 million attacks account for over 60% of all Credential Stuffing Attacks.

In case you’re unaware, Credential Stuffing Attacks are a cyberattack method in which attackers use lists of compromised user credentials to breach into a system. Once in, they have access to a wealth of information, not the least of which includes financial information. This data can also then be sold and traded; meaning that you can be targeted later and face even more identity theft

What makes this cyberattack so popular is that it is relatively easy for the hackers to use, as it targets weak credentials for users within organizations. It also gives access to fruitful information.

So how can companies protect their vital data from these attacks? It starts with implementing a strong firewall. A good firewall will detect and feter these attacks in many cases. Incorporating Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is also an effective method, as it requires that the user provide ‘proof’ of who they are. Password hygiene is also important. Regularly resetting passwords and discouraging password reuse will go a long way.

For all these best practises though, implementing continuous data protection software and Desktop Security Software will ensure no matter the attack, you’ll always be able to recover your systems and data with speed and ease.

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