Reboot Restore Rx Pro Version 12
Release Notes

Version 12.7 - Build 2709799653

Reboot Restore Rx Pro ver 12.7
Build 2709799653 / Release Date May 21, 2024

– Display warning message on Windows desktop when license authentication fails
– Add command line switch ShdCmd.exe /ChkActivate to authenticate license
– Fix installation problems for systems with more than 16 partitions
– Other small bug fixes reported through tech support

– Pre-OS supports large volume data processing for updating baseline and uninstall.
– Fix bug caused by interrupted update baseline followed by snapshot restore.
– Add auto snapshot integrity check before restoring

EndPoint Manager
– Uninstalling to the current system no longer requires a reboot.
– New student attendance feature
– Share EPM PC screen with clients’ computer
– Live Screen feature to monitor client computer’s desktop in real-time.
– New EPM detailed view selection.
– EPM can modify the client’s computer’s name

Version 12.5 - Build 2709703329

Reboot Restore Rx Pro ver 12.5
Build 2709703329 / Release Date March 8, 2024

– Fix a pagefile movement bug that could cause slow system bootup
– added the setup.INI switches

– If it is 1, setup will not create the registry settings for the resource restrictions that could conflict with Windows group policy

– Setup installs UltraVNC server service for EndPoint Manager remote control.
1=Install, 0=No Install

– Other small bug fixes reported through tech support

EndPoint Manager
– Add live client screen monitor feature
– Add Desktop view to list screen monitor
– Customize and save Detail view as custom views
– Add VNC-based client remote control
– Change Toolbar icons

Version 12.5 - Build 2708962800

Reboot Restore Rx Pro ver 12.5
Build: 2708962800/ Release Date: July 25, 2023

– Fix on BSOD issue after setup on some select PCs

Version 12.5 - Build 2708923714

Reboot Restore Rx Pro ver 12.5
Build: 2708923714 / Release Date: July 3, 2023

– Minor GUI tweak(shield.exe).
– Redesign how Reboot Restore Rx Pro works with Windows Updates(shield.exe)
– Bug fix in the installer(x64.exe)’s detection of system being encrypted by Bitlocker.
– Bug fix in the uninstaller(shdserv.exe)’s failure to remove driver files.
– Add new command line switch shdcmd.exe /Getfile(shdcmd.exe).
– Add new setup parameter to exclude the system from EPM screen lock(setup.ini).
– Renew security certificate for digital signing.
– Check Reboot Restore Rx Pro release against Windows service pack installation for compatibility support(setup.exe).
– Bug fix disable and re-enable the demo setup could reset the demo time(shdtray.exe).
– Bug fix after disable/enable protection, user profiles moved to the exemption drive become unaccessible(shdsync.exe).
– Add vsncache configuration option in the installer(setup.exe).
– Encrypt user password in Setup.ini file(Setup Configuration Wizard.exe).
– New restrict resource usage: block access to Control Panel.
– New restrict resource usage: block access to CMD/Powershell.
– New restrict resource usage: block access to Task Manager.
– New restrict resource usage: block access to Windows registry.
– New restrict resource usage: block installing new software. (*will only block setup.exe, install.exe and MSI installer)

Kernel Driver
– Bug fix in driver(shield.sys) logging flush.
– Support 4K sector HDD(Shieldf.sys).
– Bug fix in processing disk dirty flags in 4K sectors disk(Shieldf.sys).
– Bug fix in processing IOCTL_DISK_GET_DRIVE_GEOMETRY_EX in shieldm fails if sector size is 4096 bytes(Shieldm.sys).
– Bug fix in processing FixupTrueSectorForEncrypt failure if sector size is 4096 bytes(Shieldm.sys).
– Bug fix in FindTrueSectorW_COW for disk sector size is 4096 bytes(Shdbus.sys).
– Bug fix in BackupNtfsMft for disk sector size is 4096 bytes(Shdbus.sys).
– Bug fix in LogLevel for disk sector size is 4096 bytes(Shdump.sys).
– Support Windows 11’s partition modification by ioctl(Shield.sys).
– Add new device driver to prevent license hack patch(Shieldmf.sys).

– Redesign the pre-OS EFI bootloader to comply with Microsoft’s new EFI code signing requirements(shdmgr.ef_).
– Add debug mode for pre-OS EFI bootloader(shdmgr.ef_).
– New code signing certificate for UEFI secure boot(shdloader.efi).
– Bug fix in pre-OS installer for handling MBR disk marked as GPT parition(shield.efi).
– Bug fix in EfiConsoleControlProtocol not found(shield.efi).

EndPoint Manager
– Add columns in the detailed view to show clients’ OS build number and display version(RmConsole.exe).
– Add option to show/hide the built-in groups(RmConsole.exe).
– Add scheduled task for send message(RmConsole.exe).
– Add target directory selection for send files(RmConsole.exe).
– Prevent screen lock on the system with EndPoint Manager(EPM) console(RmConsole.exe).
– Allow EPM to re-activate clients with a new product ID(RmConsole.exe, RmServer.exe).
– Allow EPM to disable client’s access to the system control panel(RmConsole.exe).
– Allow EPM to disable client’s access to the system command prompt and Powershell(RmConsole.exe).
– Allow EPM to disable client’s access to the system task manager(RmConsole.exe).
– Allow EPM to disable client’s access to the system registry(RmConsole.exe).
– Allow EPM to disable clients installing new software(RmConsole.exe).
– Display clients’ CPU information in EPM(RmConsole.exe).
– Bug fix client connection fails with Invalid network packets error(RmServer.exe).

Version 12.0 - Build 2707937851

Reboot Restore Rx Pro ver 12
Build: 2707937851 / Release Date: Aug 1, 2022

– EndPoint Manager fixed text visibility of the bottom status bar
– EndPoint Manager help file rerouting fix
– Other small bug fixes reported through tech support

Version 12.0 - Build 2707712900

Reboot Restore Rx Pro version 12.0
Build Number 2707712900 | Release Date: May 3, 2022

  • fixed upgrade switch issue when running setup /s to import the new product key
  • updated Romanian and Swedish language
  • small bug fixes reported through support

Version 12.0 - Build 2707522269

Reboot Restore Rx Pro version 12.0
Build Number 2707522269 | Release Date: February 4, 2022

• GUI Refresh / New Product Logo and Icon
• Windows 11 kernel support
• Add setup option to exempt user profile via unprotected partition
• Add function to check whether the EFI loader is ours before setup.
• Monitor boot file changes if EFI partition is not protected.
• Fix setup problem caused by previous uninstall failed to remove the bootmgfw.dat file.
• Record log info if bootmgfw.efi was changed.
• Check bootmgfw.efi file for problems before setup.
• Fix the bug of SetBlockInfo
• Fix the bugs of caching encrypted sectors.
• Fix the bugs of restoring BCD/EFI backup using the FixTools.
• Automatically adjust DST after a rollback if computer is not connected to a time server.
• Add setup.ini settings for configuring registry exclusion during setup.
• Fix shdcmd defrag task bug.
• Add shdcmd AutoChkdsk
• Add shdcmd /mode to show current kernel mode.
• Backup BCD in the boot folder for system recovery.
• Fix restore@logoff bug due to insufficient user privilege.
• Fix caculating maxtablesectors bug.
• Allow re-activation of already activated setup with a new product ID.
• Fix the bugs of checkmbr when shutting down.
• Fix the bugs of protecting multi-disks.
• Fix loop checkpoint.

Kernel Driver
• Add safety codes for invalid snapshot index flag.
• Force clear hibernation mark if boot failed.
• Fix the bugs of SmartDiskReadWriteSector
• Remove shdsync in bootexec if protect system was disabled.
• Fix the bugs of Base64Decode.
• Fix the bugs of SwitchProtectMode.
• Add functions to support volume filter.

Pre OS
• New pre-OS skin
• Add a command line shell to the EFI pre-OS module.
• Add pre-OS command line to chkdsk EFI partition.
• Add functions to support encrypted EFI file.
• Add restore EFI option to the pre-OS restore function.
• Remove block information if disk cannot be accessed from the pre-OS.

EndPoint Manager
• New EPM toolbar.
• Add settings to turn off EPM’s Activity Log feature.
• Fix EPM screenshot bug related to send message.
• EPM monitor clients visited web sites.
• EPM monitor client launched programs.
• EPM monitor windows system events.
• Record EPM lock screen message in win32data.