Reboot Restore Rx Pro 10.x Release Notes

Reboot Restore Rx Pro 10.7 Build #: 2702811146
Last Updated: 15 Oct 2017

  • enhanced compatibility for Windows 10 Creators update
  • Add Fast Restore mode – when Reboot Restore Rx is configured to Restore at Restart and when the Fast Restore mode is on, the restore will be much faster.
    The Fast Restore mode can be configured using FastRestore=1 setting in setup.ini or command line switch ShdCmd.exe /FastRes [/enable | /disable] /u administrator /p password.
  • Add command line switch ShdCmd.exe /List /u administrator /p password to list all snapshots time and conditions.
  • Add User Management\
  • RMC: Implement Windows Firewall exception for Windows 10 based firewall
  • miscellaneous bug fixes reported by users

Reboot Restore Rx Pro 10.7 Build #: 2702518294
Last Updated: 10 May 2017

  • Fixes Secure Boot Issue for better compatibility with Windows 10 build 1607 & later
  • Support Grub Linux bootloader.
  • Mask Product ID on the Tray Icon About window.
  • Adjusted Multiboot setup
  • Adjusted the Uninstallation User Interface.
  • New End User License Agreement (EULA)

Reboot Restore Rx Pro 10.6 Build #: 2702327820
Last updated: February 08, 2017

  • Modified RMC Install Windows Updates not depending on client’s setting
  • Added Update now button to Windows Update
  • Fixed a uninstall try icon not been able to be removed problem
  • Hover mouse over tray icon display Installing Windows Updates
  • Fixed default demo license issue
  • Added License Expiration tab in RMC detailed view
  • Support subsystem VGA display mode 800*600
  • Mid-cycle UI refreshment
  • Added Shutdown based scheduled type in Setup INI Wizard
  • Fixed Windows update related problem by booting from PE environment
  • Fixed BSOD caused by Windows 10 anniversary Update
  • Resolves Secure Boot Issue
  • Fixed various setup related compatibility problems received by customer report.

Reboot Restore Rx Pro 10.6 Build #: 2701680652
Last updated: October 18, 2016

  • Change of new logo and product names.
  • Change of product version to 10.6.
  • UI enhancement.
  • Add “Send Message” features through RMC to client workstation.
  • Add “Uninstall” options via the RMC.
  • Add the ability to have multiple instances of RMC install.
  • Add Asynchronous mode to the device drivers to allow faster bootup and better performance on multiple hard disks based systems.
  • Fix BSOD caused by Windows WRE (Windows Recovery Environment).
  • Support M.2 SATA