In a recent report by Cisco, the company details how Hackers are using these communication platforms to distribute links to Malware and Ransomware on trusted channels and servers in a way that users will trust the links and believe that they come from a trusted source.

This includes, but is not limited to, the distribution of:

  • Agent Tesla
  • AsyncRAT
  • Formbook
  • JSProxRAT
  • LimeRAT
  • Lokibot
  • Nanocore RAT
  • Phoenix Keylogger
  • Remcos

With the COVID-19 Pandemic, there’s been an increased reliance on digital communication platforms such as Slack and Discord. So how can we protect ourselves while using these platforms?

User Awareness & Training

As with most Malware and Ransomware prevention, the key is always the user. Training users to identify questionable links, identify users and whether they’re known or not, and of course, being cautious when opening any link transmitted over the internet.

Backup & Recovery

While user education is critical in preventing a Malware or Ransomware infection, it’s not guaranteed. Even with proper education, infections still happen. Utilizing instant recovery software and system restore software, we can restore a machine back to a pristine state, before any infections. Thus removing any Malware or Ransomware within seconds. It’s an efficient method for removing trojans in the event that you are infected.

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