Eight universities within Canada and the UK have been affected by the recent hacking of Blackbaud. Blackbaud is the world’s largest provider of administrative, fundraising, and financial management software within Universities.

Even though Blackbaud was hacked back in May of this year, they only disclosed the hack in July. Even though Blackbaud paid the ransom to have the data returned, there’s no telling how badly the data has been compromised, or if that data will be used in the future, although the likelihood is high.

This affects former students, staff, existing students, and supporters of universities.

As with any hack, personal data of any university student using Blackbaud are now at risk. It’s recommended that you change online passwords and look into desktop security software like RollBack Rx Pro. Protecting your machines and data while using your machine is important; particularly when hackers have information that could help them compromise you in the future.

Many non-profit organizations also use Blackbaud, and as such need to be concerned about potential threats to their data. Luckily both RollBack Rx Pro and Reboot Restore Rx Pro are available on Techsoup for qualifying organizations.This way, even organizations with tighter budgets can still benefit from sector-mapping technology and its benefits.

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