Microsoft has recently released Windows 11 on Oct 5th, 2021 and is slowly rolling out to all customers. We’ve received a lot of questions by enthusiastic users who are looking to upgrade and use our instant restore technology, RollBack Rx Professional and Reboot Restore Rx Pro. This post is meant to answer a few of your questions and address the future of our software and Windows 11.

Is RollBack Rx Professional and Reboot Restore Rx Pro compatible with Windows 11 currently?

Currently, the latest version is Version 11 and this version supports up to Windows 10 but does not officially support Windows 11. In some of our testing, Version 11 of RollBack Rx Pro and Reboot Restore Rx Pro ran into some critical errors with Windows 11. Due to this, we do not recommend using Windows 11 and RollBack Rx Professional/Reboot Restore Rx Pro (Version 11).

When Will RollBack Rx Professional and Reboot Restore Rx Pro be Windows 11 compatible?

We understand that users are looking for Windows 11 solutions for locking down public computers and an alternative to Windows 11 Windows System Restore.We’re proud to announce that we’re currently developing Version 12 of RollBack Rx Professional and Reboot Restore Rx Pro.

The biggest change will be compatibility with Windows 11. We’ve seen positive test results with Version 12 of our programs and Windows 11; and will bring the award winning experience our customers expect, with this new OS.

When will Version 12 be released?

We don’t currently have a release date for Version 12. Our priority is ensuring that the new version is stable and free of major or critical issues. Because of this, thorough testing is required.

We are aiming to release Version 12 as soon as feasibly possible. We’ll have news to share in the coming year in regards to release dates for our software.

What will be the Upgrade Path for Version 12?

As per our Software Upgrade Policy, there will be a few ways you can upgrade to Version 12:

  1. By being on an Annual Maintenance plan that is active and up to date. This will ensure you get the license upgrade for free.
  2. If Version 12 is released within 60 days of a purchased software license, the customer will be entitled to a free license upgrade to the new release.
  3. If you aren’t on an Active Maintenance plan or purchased a license within 60 days, you can also purchase a new license at any time.

If you have any questions about Version 12, your upgrade path, or which product will best fit your needs you can always email us at To stay up to date with our latest news and updates, including updates on Version 12’s release date, be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitterSpiceworks, and YouTube. We’re available Monday to Friday, 5 am to 5pm PST, feel free to call us at 1-800-496-0148, Submit A Ticket, or you can always chat with us.