Update On Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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At Horizon DataSys, providing top class customer service to our customers while maintaining the safety and health of our employees are both top priorities. We have been monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation for some time and with its effect on the general public becoming increasingly more dangerous, it’s time for us as a company to evaluate and take prompt actions in regards to the immediate future for Horizon DataSys and it’s customers.

This is why we have made the conscious decision to close all of our worldwide offices; with all of our Sales and Support staff operating from their home offices. This is a decision made that will keep our staff safe and healthy, but also allow us to continue to provide excellent customer service.

What Horizon DataSys Is Doing To Address This Issue

Chat and Ticket Support are still open channels, meaning if you need to reach us you can still do so. Our chat support will still be available during its regular times of 5 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Delivery times for licenses will remain the same.

We will still be striving to respond to tickets, chats, and phone calls within 24 hours as per policy.

Tips For Optimizing Support During This Time

As we are unable to fully predict how busy we will be during this temporary period, there may be some delays across the board. While we are working diligently to avoid such delays. We appreciate our customers’ patience and understanding during this time.

As some customers may know, we offer a Knowledgebase. Many common issues have relevant guides available on the Knowledgebase. We recommend checking if your issue has a relevant guide on the Knowledgebase as this is often the fastest resolution for common issues.

If you do submit a Technical Support ticket, we highly advise that you attach and submit log files as this can help us promptly identify an issue.

Guide for locating RollBack Rx Pro log files:

Guide for locating Reboot Restore Rx Pro log files:



While we understand that this may cause a mild inconvenience for our customers, we hope that the actions taken will ensure that customers can still contact and work with our Sales and Support staff during these trying times.

If you have any questions about our products or which product will best fit your needs you can always email us at To stay up to date with our latest news and updates, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Spiceworks, and YouTube. We’re available Monday to Friday, 5 am to 5 pm PST, feel free to call us at 1-800-496-0148, Submit A Ticket, or you can always chat with us.

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