Third-Party Software Components Not Updated Through Software Applications

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“Half of the third-party components used in software applications are outdated, exposing them to exploits, according to a major new study from Synopsys.”

Over 10,000 new security flaws are exploited through open-source and commercial software. This causes a major security concern for the software industry that can lead to malware and ransomware attacks such as the famous “Wannacry” exploit that was previously reported.

According to the article: explains how nearly 45 percent of software applications that were studied were over four years old, were as newer and more stable versions of software is available but not being used to it’s fullest potential.

How do we protect ourselves from sudden exploits and malware attacks?

It’s simple, make sure you set your antivirus and malware software to keep up with the latest version and definition updates, and also the latest Windows Updates on your PC to avoid sudden attacks and exploits from happening

Is there any additional protection or solution recommended to keep my PC secure?

Yes, there is. RollBack Rx is an instant recovery solution that provides you with the ability to Rollback your machine to a previous state before encountering any sudden Ransomware and Malware attacks. It offers you data protection of your entire hard drive, industry standard encryption of your snapshots, and retrieve files from a crashed PC, even if Windows cannot boot.

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