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See You at Microsoft TechEd! Try Hacking Our PC!

By July 9, 2014No Comments

Do you have what it takes to hack us?

This Sunday the team at Horizon DataSys will be getting on a (very) early flight to Houston, Texas. I personally can’t wait to have a welcome break from rainy, cool North West springtime, and Microsoft TechEd, one of the largest and most robust tech conferences in North America, will herald a welcome change in scenery.

Well, we aren’t going just for the weather… We want to show people just how well our products work as kiosk software software for security and protection, as well as general system recovery and maintenance tools.

Horizon DataSys will have a booth set up at Microsoft Tech Ed, and we look forward to sharing the power of our best-selling software, RollBack RX and Drive Vaccine, with the best of the best in the IT world. We’re eager to bring our Windows PC disaster recovery solution to the attendees of Microsoft TechEd.

The Horizon DataSys booth will feature a machine with RollBack RX installed. Our staff will hold a contest for conference attendees.

Participants will be asked to log into our demo machine. The challenge: To crash the system in such a way that even RollBack RX cannot recover from it. You can do anything from deleting the registry to command prompt hacking, to installing viruses or malware. Our software even acts as a cryptolocker removal tool, so you can try finding one online that we can’t RollBack from! You are encouraged to try anything aside from physically tampering with the machine or deleting the Rollback RX software. (Yes, we will have it password protected.) No boot disks or external devices are allowed.

Come show us if you can pull it off.

If you crash the machine to a point beyond RollBack RX being able to recover it, you will win a free Xbox One.

So, do you think you got what it takes to hack us? For added bonus, we will also have loads of goodies and information. Oh, and we’re super fun to talk to!
Microsoft TechEd is a huge It convention. It will feature an exhaustive amount of information. In fact, it has so much that the conference’s website features a “Technical Tracks” page to help people navigate the sessions and labs best suited to their interests. These include Data Platform and Business Intelligence, Datacenter and Infrastructure Management, Developer Platform and Tools, Office Servers and Services, People-Centric IT and way, way more. The sheer amount of experts and professionals attending makes this the conference to be at this summer.

I for one am grateful I am able to attend and learn how to help make life easier for everyone who uses Horizon DataSys’s products!

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