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RollBack XP Hits 400,000 Downloads

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Rollback XP, the freeware utility designed for Windows XP OS, gets an overwhelming number of downloads in the first days of its release, defying the belief that the operating system is no longer popular.

Horizon Datasys is pleased to announce that its latest software release, Rollback XP, has received a record number of downloads since its unveiling last month.

Rollback XP, an instant recovery software designed to protect users from the Windows XP lockdown, was launched on June 16th of this year. Users could download the software free-of-cost directly from the company’s website. The number of downloads for this software has since surpassed the 400,000 mark. “We couldn’t have asked for better feedback than this,” states Lyle Patel, President and CEO at Horizon Datasys.

The decision to offer this product for free stemmed from the need to provide a great number of users protection against hacks or viruses that would proliferate once the Windows XP lockdown began. Enterprises and organizations that run Windows XP on their public access kiosk systems would be exposed to the aforementioned problems.

In May of this year, the team at Horizon Datasys attended Microsoft’s Tech Ed conference, which took place in Houston, Texas. Here, they were able to confirm that companies would have to pay up to $200 per PC in order to get extended support from Microsoft. “Attending TechEd gave us a better understand the worries of XP users,” states James Suen, IT Manager at Horizon Datasys. “While there are many recovery tools out there, none specifically address the current issues and problems Windows XP users face. Thus, we decided to step in and develop a solution for them for free, as current options were slim and expensive”, explains Suen.

Rollback XP is a comprehensive Windows XP System Restore software similar to Horizon Datasys’ star product, Rollback RX. It functions on a snapshot-based system that allows your PC to be like an instant time machine. In case of any system crash, users can restore their computer to a previous point in time, even if Windows cannot boot.  This is possible because the software operates on a sub-operating system below Windows, enabling it to protect the contents of your entire hard drive.

The main difference between these two products, is that Rollback XP only works on Windows XP operating system. Another difference is in the number of snapshots. Rollback XP, a freeware, supports a maximum of ten snapshots. A non-freeware option of Rollback XP is currently being developed for those who wish to upgrade to a greater number of snapshots.

Microsoft discontinued support for Windows XP operating system on April of this year. Despite being nearly 13 years old, this operating system is still widely used worldwide: a little more than one-fourth of the world’s PCs still run on Windows XP.

Horizon DataSys Corporation is a privately held software company headquartered in Blaine, Washington which develops, publishes, and distributes branded computer software applications specializing in end-point PC management, OS integrity, and instant restore.

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