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RollBack Rx Makes Headway in Latin American Educational Market

By February 27, 2013May 24th, 2021No Comments

Horizon DataSys has expanded its operations to accommodate the upsurge of interest in its RollBack Rx technology in the Central and South American Market.

Horizon DataSys, developers of the leading RollBack Rx, announced today that the University of Lima has selected RollBack Rx to reduce the amount of IT resources spent in maintaining PCs. The University of Lima is renowned as one of the most prestigious and technologically advanced educational institutions in Latin America. “RollBack Rx has streamlined our IT operations,” said Juan Bruno, the IT Administrator at the university, “It ensures high PC availability for our students and prevents unwanted changes to our computers.

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“…We have evaluated several baseline restore and backup type solutions, that essentially freeze the PC’s settings and have them reset on every restart…. We were greatly impressed with RollBack Rx’s ability to go well beyond traditional restore on reboottechnologies. RollBack Rx is more like a PC time machine that allows us to quickly go back to any one of our several predefined configurations in seconds.”

RollBack Rx has gained a huge following in the Spanish speaking markets. “The Latin American market is a huge opportunity for us” says Gonzalo Ortiz de Zevallos, Senior Account Manager. “We are actively working with our network of global resellers and distributors in these markets to strengthen our presence and brand recognition as the leading instant PC recovery solution.”

Toward this effort, Horizon DataSys has created a business unit dedicated to service the B2C and B2B clients in Central and South America. “We havelocalized phone numbers and Spanish language support to make it easy for our customers to contact us directly,” adds Gonzalo.

Horizon DataSys Corporation is taking concerted efforts to expand into these markets. In the coming weeks, Horizon DataSys is launching a Spanish version of its software products and updating its corporate website to support multiple languages.

In addition, Horizon DataSys will be showcasing its technologies at prominent Latin American conferences in the upcoming months. “We look forward to meeting many IT professionals at the Educar Educador Conference in Sao Paulo Brazil, as well as the ITT Expo in Ciudad de Mexico this year.” Adds Gonzalo. “Educar Educador is the biggest Educational technology conference in Latin America, whereas ITT Expo is one of the largest corporate technology conferences for the Spanish market.”

Upcoming Latin American Conferences:

What: Educar Educador 2013
Where: Booth 58B at the Imigrantes Exhibition Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil
When: May 22-25, 2013
For More Info:

What: ITT Expo Mexico 2013
Where: Centro Banamex, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
When: September 10-12, 2013
For More Info:

About Horizon DataSys:
Horizon DataSys Inc. is a privately held software company headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada with offices in Washington State, and London, England. Horizon DataSys develops and distributes computer software applications designed for end-users and enterprises. The company specializes in end-point PC management, OS integrity, and restore on reboot technologies. The company’s business solutions allow organizations to reduce risks related to software corruption, inadvertent changes, malicious hacks, virus infections, and unauthorized PC access. It’s primary offerings include its PC Time Machine software, RollBack Rx. In addition to its many off-the-shelf turnkey products it also supports clients to customize solutions that suit the specific needs of their IT environment.