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Reboot Restore Rx: The Ultimate Windows SteadyState Alternative Now Available as Freeware

By March 18, 2013May 24th, 2021No Comments

restoreReboot Restore Rx is a free software utility that quickly undoes any changes made to public access computers – reducing the IT resources needed in order to maintain shared computing assets. It is a simple to use alternative to the discontinued Windows SteadyState, with support for Windows 8.

Horizon DataSys, a leading global developer of instant restore applications for Windows-based PCs, announced today the release of a fully-functional freeware called Reboot Restore Rx. Using their patented RollBack technology, Reboot Restore Rx reduces PC maintenance costs and complexities associated with managing public access computers.


In most shared computing environments such as elementary schools and libraries, the teacher or librarian is faced with the daunting task of having to continually police and repair the PCs in their computer labs. “Most small schools across the nation have little money and work on a tight budget”, says Lyle Patel, President. “Reboot Restore Rx is free and allows teachers to focus on teaching instead of constantly playing tech support.”

Reboot Restore Rx essentially restores PCs to a set configuration every time the computers are restarted. “Students can delete files, hack the registry, download games and apps etc…. It doesn’t matter,” says Patel. “Because after a simple reboot all changes will disappear and the workstations will be back to a pristine baseline, and ready for the next user.”

Until now there have been a number of restore-on-reboot utilities that were designed for public access computing environments. Microsoft Corporation introduced its Shared Computing Toolkit back in 2005 for Windows XP. Two years later, Microsoft came out with another utility to support Vista called SteadyState. “These apps were challenging to set up for most IT administrators, let alone a librarian in a rural school,” explains Patel. “After meeting many of these school IT admins in a recent conference, we saw a need to have a freeware product that was both simple for teachers to use, while being robust enough to protect their students and PCs from external threats as well as inadvertent user errors.”

Although Reboot Restore Rx is freeware it still offers more powerful restoration functionality than most commercially available solutions. “Reboot Restore Rx addresses the number one pain point: real-time updates,” explains Andrew Shen, Vice President of Development. “Conventional restore utilities require you to turn off the protection and involve multiple reboots in order to do updates to the baseline. Reboot Restore Rx can update the baseline instantly with a single click, in realtime.”

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“Given the state of today’s economy we understand that many schools, libraries, and other public PC environments haven’t got the funds to purchase commercial software,” compare viagra cialis levitra adds Patel. “Reboot Restore Rx showcases the power and robustness of our instant restore technology in its simplest form. As their IT departments develop and their needs grow, IT administrators will have a progressive technology canadian mail order pharmacy reviews path to our more advanced solutions such as Drive Vaccine and RollBack Rx.”

Horizon DataSys Corporation is a privately held software company headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada with offices in Washington State, and London, England. Horizon DataSys develops and distributes computer software applications designed for end-users and enterprises. The company specializes in end-point PC management, OS integrity, and instant restore. As the market leader in developing instant restore technologies, Horizon DataSys is focused on providing for all Windows-based PC users, from end-users to IT admins of large enterprises, the industry’s most powerful, accessible, and intuitive applications that strive to eliminate downtime and maximize the availability of their IT resources.