A recent survey shares new information on Ransomware targets, and while many would think that workstations, mobile devices, and other computers would be at risk. The one device that has seen an increase in the frequency and severity of attacks is servers. Ransomware attacks on servers now account for 37% of all Ransomware attacks.

The value of a server to a cyber attacker is immense. Many of them store valuable personal data on their employees or clients. Recent GDPR policies threaten fines if left unprotected, which is why data protection is becoming increasingly more valuable. Without it, not only are you at risk for costly data loss, but costly fines as well.

The other issue is the importance of servers for an organization. Servers can provide a host of functions, and it’s lack of ability to perform its tasks due to a ransomware attack means that an organization can be rendered incapable of performing even it’s most modest task. If a site is heavily e-commerce focused and that server goes down, you won’t be able to make any purchases. If you store backups on a server and that’s infected, there go your backups. With many of your resources rendered obsolete, you’re left with little to no resources to combat the threat.

The other issue is of course, connectivity. Once a server is infected it can quickly deploy itself to other machines on the network easily. Particularly as servers are almost always on and with an active connection to other devices.

RollBack Rx Server Edition is the right system restore software; designed to protect your server from unwanted changes and malicious attacks. Within seconds you can restore your server and workstations to a clean, pristine state. You can find more information on RollBack Rx Server Edition’s Product Page.

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