Perfect Windows System Restore

Picture this. You’ve installed this amazing new software and suddenly your system crashes. What can you do? You panic about all the data you’ve possibly lost forever. Is there a solution? There is.

If you have RollBack Rx installed in your system. RollBack Rx is a system restores software that can recover all your deleted or corrupt files. And if your newly installed software was the problem it can do a 100 per cent clean uninstall of it as well, removing all traces.

RollBack Rx is available as an advanced computer maintenance solution that helps in disaster recovery. It can restore computers files to an earlier version. Furthermore, in the event of a virus attack, it repairs computers back to a clean state. On an ongoing basis, it can fix your computer to sort daily user and program problems. Apart from removing software installations that are unwanted, RollBack Rx can also be used to test software before actually deploying them.

It is now literally possible to rollback even up to a few months when you use RollBack Rx for pc restore. The enterprise version can easily fix computer problems. If you are a computer administrator, you can repair computer networks in just seconds since RollBack Rx lets you recovery our data and system right til the minute your system crashed.

Optimize Time

Time spent in troubleshooting your system can be greatly reduced because RollBack Rx works with speed, without regard to how complex the problem was or the size of data stored. No matter how large your hard disk, it can be restored in seconds. For network administrators, it provides the added advantage of letting them configure all their RollBack Rx client installations.

So whether you are a system administrator, an office secretary, a tutor or someone who is not familiar with software, RollBack Rx is very simple to use and let’s even a novice fix computer issues or repair computer problems in a jiffy.

RollBack Rx system restore solution lets you work with peace of mind knowing that your data is safe. Many organizations routinely keep backing up their data, spending thousands on the exercise to ensure that there is no loss of data. By simply installing RollBack Rx, at a fraction of the cost, it provides the long-term cost saving effect of being able to work without having to worry about disaster recovery.

User Benefits of the RollBack Rx

Educational institutions usually restore their IT systems back to the start of the previous semester. With RollBack Rx, they can achieve this in just about three mouse clicks. They don’t have to use ghost, imaging or mirroring software, resulting in substantial savings in cost.

In the corporate scenario, users set their RollBack Rx to take snapshots at specific intervals. Suppose the system crashes, they can roll back to the last snapshot. Before rolling out or deploying sensitive software – you can test installation software in a beta version; knowing that RollBack Rx can help in recovering or uninstalling applications.

Domestic users can play it safe by taking a snapshot of the system before they try out new software. In spite of uninstalling certain software, remnants of this software are often left behind in the system and registry. This eventually makes the system slower. RollBack Rx does a 100 per cent clean uninstall of unwanted programs.

Sometimes operating system critical updates are such huge files that you are forced to leave the system on overnight, unprotected. RollBack Rx remakes the process simple by maintaining these updates. The networking ability of RollBack Rx lets administrators use an Internet based console to configure RollBack Rx installations.

Thus, RollBack Rx can be used to fix computer problems as it is the instant recovery software. The pc restore feature is invaluable and supports deployments of large organizational networks as well as stand-alone PCs. RollBack Rx gives your system that extra security to easily recovery from malware and viruses, which are the two things that commonly place fear in a PC user.

Remote Control

RollBack Rx supports remote administration and deployments. IT administrators are no longer under siege and all RollBack Rx functions can be executed over the Internet. Therefore, no more time wasted through lengthy sessions instructing the user to do the right thing!