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No XP User Left Behind

Windows XP still has about 1 billion users. That’s a huge number, considering that it’s about a quarter of the Windows market share according to Net Applications (April, 2014 – Wikipedia).


Wait… So Microsoft actually DID lockdown support for Windows XP, right? What about all those issues that now won’t be solved via Windows Update, such as that latest Internet Explorer vulnerability that had to be fixed via an out-of-band update? Is there any alternative recovery software for Windows XP specifically?

If you’re running Windows XP, and are worried about this, then I have news for you; you should be.

Not only is Windows XP officially discontinued as of April 8th, 2014, the likely hood of future out-of-band updates seems minimal. It is unfortunate that so many users are being left behind, but we all know this had to happen eventually.

This NOT the end of the line!


As J. R. R. Tolkein once said, “Not all those who wander are lost.”

Indeed, as we wandered around TechEd we realized just how many of the insanely talented IT pros in the building STILL USED XP. To us, they didn’t seem lost. “Left behind” is better phrase to use in this regard.

At Horizon Data Sys, we live by the motto “No File Left Behind.” After all, recovering test files from crashed snapshots was one of the highlights of our demonstration at TechEd. Now, with Windows XP and RollBack XP, we’re adding on a new motto:

No XP User Left Behind


We thought that if we released our freeware Reboot Restore RX as a SteadyState alternative last year, then why not do the same thing for the Windows XP lockdown? Reboot Restore RX was a big success in terms of the number of downloads we got. It really helped users out who needed a quick fix with a simple restore upon reboot functionality. The community really ended up benefiting from this software, and it helped us improve our premier products, RollBack RX and Drive Vaccine as well!

So, if you want to protect Windows XP on your machine and not have to upgrade to a new OS, then have no fear, RollBack XP is here! The client will be available for download from our website next week.

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