Multi-User PC Recovery for Public Access Computers

In a multi-user computing environment you would have multiple users such as students or library patrons using multiple computing systems that are interconnected via a common network. The concept of multi-user computing stems from Microsoft’s multi user switching, that supports multiple machines and simultaneous users. All mainframes and minicomputers are defined as multi-user systems.

What is a Multi-User PC?

Multi-User PC’s are also known as publicly accessible computers or shared computers. When the term Multi-user is used to define PC’s they are referring to single workstations clustered together in a shared computing environment. These public access computers can be seen mostly in schools, libraries, internet cafes or in most business centers today.

How to Protect Multi-User Computers

Administrators of PCs use a variety of methods to protect multi-user PCs. The most traditional method would be to lock-down the workstations using Windows policies. The more advanced method is to us an instant recovery software solution that essentially allows users to have a non-restrictive desktop experience. This means that users would have full access to all the functionality of the computer, they can do anything on the system, from deleting critical operating files or even download a virus. Regardless of what they do to the machine, the PC will automatically restore to a baseline on every restart or on any fixed schedule.

The safety and protection of a multi-user PC is very important. Just imagine the pain it could cause an IT department if every computer gets affected by a malicious user or an unsuspecting virus. If this were to happen, you could well imaging the tedious hours it may take to repair all there PC’s individually?

Reboot Restore Rx Professional a Multi-User Instant Recovery Software

Reboot Restore Rx Professional is a multi-user PC recovery software that restores public access computers back to baseline settings within seconds. With a multi-user software like Reboot Restore Rx Professional, people can do whatever they want with the PC and with one log of or with one restart everything on the PC will be as it was at the baseline.

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