With cyber attacks and threats constantly on the rise, the need for security software is becoming essential for PC users. Academics from Greece have developed MarioNet, which has the ability to run harmful attacks onto a user’s browser and host malicious code. Most concerning is that regardless if the tabs or browsers have been closed, the hackers can still infect PCs.

This unfortunately has the ability to happen as newer web browsers support an API called Service Workers, an update to the older API Web Workers. This new API gives access to a website to isolate operations that render a page’s user interface from operations that handle tasks so that the web page doesn’t freeze when processing large quantities of data, and can live and continue running in the page’s background, without requiring the user to continue browsing through the site that initially loaded the service worker.  The attack does not require interaction from the user, nor does it alert the user or need permission before it registers as a service worker.

The attack gathers together all the major botnets from the browser. Once these botnets are gathered, they are used for numerous attacks.

nullSource: Different use cases of MarioNet. After victims get compromised, the attacker can instrument them to perform (a) visits to a selected server or URL, for DDoS attack or fake ad-impressions, (b) requested computations, such as cryptocurrency mining or password cracking, and (c) illegal services, such as illicit file hosting or hidden/anonymized communications.

MarioNet is compatible to work with nearly all desktop browsers, excluding Internet Explorer.

Users of Reboot Restore Rx ProRollBack Rx Pro, and  our freeware versions are in luck however, as malicious hacking can be reverted with our instant restore software and PC time machine, secured with the highest grade of encryption available (256-AES). Our programs will help encrypt, protect, and backup your data.

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