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Introducing RollBack Rx Home Edition Freeware

Horizon DataSys announced today the launch of an entirely new, free version of their most popular instant recovery software titled RollBack Rx Home Edition.

This program, based off of the world’s leading Windows system restore software RollBack Rx, is the first time the company’s patented sector-mapping technology is going to be available to anyone at no cost.

“What’s out there protecting computers right now is just, quite frankly, not good enough,” says Lyle Patel, CEO and President of Horizon DataSys. “Every day there’s a new story out there about ransomware infecting computers, viruses spreading across machines, and people being left with no choice but to pay with their hard-earned cash to make the problem go away. It’s a shame.”

RollBack Rx Home Edition fills those holes in PC security. With the release of this new software anyone can now download and better protect their computers at no cost.

“We don’t want people to be left out to dry,” Patel said. “There’s too much out there now that does irreversible damage to computers, and we’re tired of seeing those who can’t afford it not be able to fully protect their PC’s, which more often than not contains serious, sensitive data.”

RollBack Rx Home Edition can create up to 7 snapshots which are stored on the sector-level of the harddrive and are further protected with 256-bit AES encryption, virtually eliminating the threat of lost or damaged data due to viruses, malware, or ransomware.

Each snapshot exists outside of Windows, so if the Operating System (OS) itself is corrupted the snapshots can still be accessed via the software’s own subconsole which boots prior to Windows loading.

About Horizon DataSys

Horizon DataSys Corporation is a privately held software company headquartered in Blaine, Washington which develops, publishes, and distributes branded computer software applications specializing in end-point PC management, OS integrity, and instant restore.

Download the program here:

Watch the announcement video here:

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