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Instant Restore VS Kiosk Programs

By April 22, 2015No Comments

In a public access environment the only thing an IT admin wants is for the computer to stay up and running despite the steady stream of users hopping on the machine doing whatever they please. On its own that’s nearly an impossible task, as daily these PC’s are faced with curious folk who like to push these machines to their limits, or even try and take them down entirely.

As a result many different programs have been made in an effort to control the user’s actions. Kiosk software is a popular choice, as it has been crafted to allow the IT admin to pick and choose what the PC can do. It whitelists applications, clears the cache, history and cookies from browsers, and limits allowable actions. At this, kiosk software is very good. Restricted

Yet, what if you could let the user do whatever they wanted without the need to limit their actions, and at the same time ensure your PC is fully protected? You wouldn’t need to worry about ransomware, about viruses, infections, or someone intentionally attempting to crash the machine. At this, our instant recovery softwares Drive Vaccine and the Microsoft SteadyState alternative Reboot Restore Rx are unparalleled.

Once installed both of these programs will save the state of the machine as is, and then on every reboot (or any schedule you set with Drive Vaccine) it will load that pristine image despite the actions of the previous user.

Any information that was entered, private or not, will be erased. Any new programs installed from the previous session will be removed. Any data files will be deleted. Nothing will be saved or remain as the stored image, which is safely protected and encrypted on the sector-level of the hard drive, will be applied over the drive again.

Kiosk software will smack the hand of someone trying to reach for something that could harm the PC, but if someone were to sneak past that defense it could crush the machine.

With our instant recovery software we allow the user to feel in control. Why? Because it doesn’t matter what they do. There’s a PC time machine at the end of the day that will reverse any actions that were taken – even if they intentionally delete registry keys, installed viruses, ransomware, malware, or tried to destroy the partitions and more.

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