US citizens and people living internationally have no doubt heard of the US government shutdown which at the time of this blog’s publication is closing in on it’s nearly month long stretch. During this shutdown, government workers are furloughed. Which means they are placed on temporary leave.

While this may not seem readily apparent, this impacts our cyber security and puts our data at risk. Due to the shutdown and multiple government workers being placed on furlough, this means that across numerous US government websites. Causing these sites to become inaccessible.

Security certificates may not be something that you’re aware of, but they essentially verify the identity of a website from a cyber security perspective. Meaning that a website with an active and valid security certificate ensures that you are on the correct website. Without a valid certificate you could be on a similar looking website; but one created by cyber criminals and hackers, who design it with the purpose of infecting your machine with Malware, Ransomware, Spyware, and other malicious trojans.

With many US and international computer users wanting to stay up to date with current news on the shutdown, it’s inevitable that they’ll look for government websites. Thus it’s important that we stay both informed and vigilant to avoid costly infections and data loss.

So what can we do? Obviously we can wait for the shutdown to end, and for the certificates to be renewed, but there’s no guarantee of such, or a date indicating when this may occur. What we can do in the interim is protect our data and ensure that we have a backup available.

RollBack Rx Home Edition is a freeware utility that will help encrypt, protect, and backup your data. So should you find yourself in a situation where valuable personal data is at risk, you can rest assured that RollBack Rx has your data protected and secured with the highest grade of encryption available (256-AES). If you prefer automation and more advanced features, we do offer RollBack Rx Professional for users looking for premium protection with more ease of use features.

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